Sunday, June 26, 2016

Here's something weird. In this interview for the Sixth Floor Museum, Jim Leavelle stated that he stayed with Oswald all the way to the operating room, and he could see the bullet right under the skin on the right side. He told one of the surgeons that he needed that bullet, and he said the surgeon took a scalpel and slit the skin over the bullet; it popped out, and it landed in a tray. That was as soon as they got there. Leavelle said: "I want that bullet out of him BEFORE you do anything else." That's what he told the doctor. 

So, after the bullet landed in the tray, a nurse retrieved it, and Leavelle took out his "trusty" pocket knife, and he instructed her to carve her initials in the butt-end of the bullet.  

You can hear him say all that here. Start at 29 minutes.

But then, there was Dr. Tom Spires, the chief of surgery at Parkland, who head-up the surgical team that worked on Oswald. 
He said that the bullet was just under the skin on the right side and that they didn't remove it until the end, after Oswald had died. He said it looked like a .38 caliber to him.  

Dr. Spires: We removed the bullet at the end. 
Reporter: After death, you removed the bullet? 
Dr. Spires: Well, yes.
Reporter: It looked like what, Sir?
Dr. Spires: .38 caliber. Just guessing. 

Here's the link. Start listening at 3 minutes.

So, who do you believe? Does it seem plausible to you that Oswald was lying there, in shock, in complete circulatory collapse, with zero blood pressure, and only occasional agonal breaths (which herald death) and the surgical nurse stopped what she was doing or preparing to do, and taking orders from a cop, she carved her initials into a bullet using a pocket knife? At a time like that? It wouldn't be easy to do if you had all the time in the world, but at a time like that? They were trying to safe a life there. 

So, is this a piece of JFK assassination lore that we are actually supposed to believe? 

Question: Does anyone know if Jim Leavelle and Buell Frazier are related?  Because: they have a lot in common.  

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