Tuesday, June 27, 2017

As much as Jack Ruby adored the Dallas Police, the idea that he would have fought with them or put up any resistance to them, let alone try to shoot one of them, as Jim Leavelle alleged from the start, is preposterous. 

And, Jim Leavelle was apparently a stupid man even when he was a young man because he told his fanciful story on television of the Shooter trying to shoot him after shooting Oswald, forgetting about the fact that we have the films, and we can see perfectly well with our own eyes that no such thing happened, that the shooter dove into the waiting arms of police and never raised a hand against them; he never fought with them; he was passive; he was totally non-aggressive.

That was true of the Garage Shooter, but in the case of Jack Ruby, here is the reality: HE LOVED THE DALLAS POLICE. He really did. And, the idea that he would have raised a hand against any of them is absolutely and totally preposterous. He would have given his life for them. He did give his life for them. 

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