Sunday, June 11, 2017

That is James Bookhout watching the loading of Oswald into the ambulance. He does not remain there long. He leaves before it's done. He turns around and goes back into the jail office. And that is what Bookhout said he did and where he said he was. This is him taken from 180s degrees opposite.

Same man, same time, same location, same everything. 

Thanks to the Wizard, we even have a gift of him with an image of young Bookhout from his school yearbook.

And don't let me hear a word from you about it, Backes, not after all the months that you insisted that Dallas Detective TL Baker was Bookhout.

By his own admission, Bookhout wasn't even at the Midnight Press Conference.  I told Backes that, but the Idiot Mind wants what it wants. 

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