Saturday, June 10, 2017

Something useful actually resulted from what that Idiot Backes put up. Previously, I noted that this frame from the Davidson film occurs 7 seconds after the cops enter the side door and shut it. That occurred at 1:57 in Davidson's film. This occurs 7 seconds later.

So, you see that it says 2:04 on the bottom. That's 7 seconds after 1:57. Hence, 7 seconds later. Now, we have it in clearer form.

Now, remember how it was in the garage shortly before that.

It was mayhem. These men weren't even involved with subduing "Ruby" or moving Oswald. They're just stampeding. But, imagine what it was like. There was a gunshot, then there was a struggle where "Ruby" fends off a bevy of big cops to where they couldn't subdue him in the garage, and there are these guys stampeding around for no apparent purpose. But, imagine what it was like. So 7 seconds later, you've got guys milling around the office like it's a regular day?

 If you watch this in the Davidson film, you see these guys milling around and talking, and you really get the sense that they don't have a care in the world. It's same ol', same ol'. There hasn't been enough time for them to reach the peak of their alarm never mind settle down from it. The idea that this is 7 seconds later is ridiculous. This was minutes later, not seconds later. No one was allowed in the jail office for at least a couple of minutes, and we have testimony supporting it from Dr. Fred Bieberdorf.  You can see how doggedly the cops in the garage were keeping people back. 

But, back from what? THE JAIL OFFICE! That's what.

You notice that the first image we have of Ruby is:

Well, if the film crew was there right away, why didn't they film the subjugation of Ruby in the jail office? I mean, after all, they finally got the better of him where they could push him down and hold him down and get his hands behind his back and handcuff him. Don't ask me why they couldn't do it in the garage, but they couldn't. But, they finally did it in the jail office, and there was a film crew there, but they weren't interested in filming it? If they were there, they would have filmed it.

Of course, I am only speaking theoretically, because Jack Ruby is not the one who was dragged in: James Bookhout was. And, they certainly did not want him to be filmed. After all the trouble they went to in the garage to keep his face away from the camera, they certainly didn't want any lenses pointed at him in the jail office. So, they had to wait until he was vanished. And, in advance, they had to bring Ruby down from the 5th floor and get him set up to look like he belonged there. So, they couldn't let the film crew in right away.

Now, keep in mind that the Idiot Backes does think the Dallas Police were involved in killing Oswald, but he thinks they were working with Ruby rather than against him. You would think the fool would take the time to lay out his theory of the crime and how it went down. But, since you admit they were Ruby's accomplices to murder, don't you think they might have had something to hide?   You're such an idiot. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU ARGUING WITH ME FOR WHEN YOU HAVEN'T EVEN EXPLAINED WHAT YOU THINK HAPPENED????????????????

What exactly happened, Backes? Start there, you dumb pluck.  

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