Wednesday, June 28, 2017

This Bob Huffaker in the KRLD video, and it's right at this point that he says that "Everyone down here thought that he (the shooter) was a Secret Service agent." 

Well, if everyone thought he was a Secret Service agent, it means that nobody thought he was Jack Ruby. 

Liars on McAdams forum keep saying that there were reporters who recognized the shooter as Jack Ruby. But none did. Not even Hugh Aynesworth who knew Jack Ruby well. 

Only cops claimed to recognize the shooter as Jack Ruby, for instance, James Leavelle. But, Leavelle is a known liar. He lied about his own actions, forgetting about the fact that we could confirm them by watching the tapes. He is bold-faced liar. He claimed to "see" Ruby when he wasn't even looking in the shooter's direction, when he was looking the other way.

Leavelle claimed to see Ruby in advance, that he saw him coming. He claimed to jerk on Oswald, twisting him. But, Graves looks like he's got a pretty good hold on him, so how could Leavelle twist him? He couldn't. He didn't. It's all a lie. Leavelle did not react in any way until AFTER the shot. So, why has the world tolerated this God-awful liar for 53 years? Because the whole story is a lie, and sometimes, a liar is what you need. 

And now we know that there was a detective who claimed to "recognize" Ruby from watching the blurry NBC live footage in which you never see the shooter's face, and he appears to be shorter than Jack Ruby, and he displays not one feature that can be associated with Jack Ruby, and yet, he, Detective Boyd, claimed to recognize "ol' Jack Ruby". 

He did NOT recognize Jack Ruby because he could not have. So, we have yet another liar among the Dallas detectives. 

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