Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Backes, the blithering idiot! He is misrepresenting my views- once again. 

Now, he is saying that I claim that this image was taken on the 5th floor.

How could it be taken on the 5th floor, even theoretically, when the cop escorting Ruby is looking down on Oswald's body on the 1st floor? Ruby is in the footage with Oswald, who is presumably lying on the 1st floor, and Ruby is walking right by him. So, how could he be on the 5th floor? How could I or anyone claim he was on the 5th floor? What I said is that he was brought down from the 5th floor for this. How hard is it to get that? How do you manage to bumble such a simple thing? Do you do it on purpose just to confuse and mislead people? Or is it just your rank stupidity rearing its ugly head again? 

And now, Backes is helping himself to the assumption that Ruby's jacket is hanging off of him in this image. We can't see it. There's no sign of it, not a thread of it, and it's hard to imagine how it could be doing that, but Backes says it anyway. There is NO BASIS to claim that his jacket is present there. Backes says it only because he wants it to be there. 

And the strange thing is that Backes thinks the Dallas Police were complicit with Ruby in murdering Oswald. Look at this image again and see if it looks like Ruby is in collusion with the cops.

If they were working together, then all I can say is that there were some acting awards that should have been given out for this.

This is unbelievable that Backes can be this stupid:

This is an image from the WFAA-TV film taken by Jim Davidson.  This was taken inside the DPD HQ in the basement, and not on the 5th floor.  The layout of the basement floor destroys the BS lie that this film was taken on the 5th floor.  Joseph Backes

How long have I been saying, and how many times have I said it that Ruby was brought down from the 5th floor to be put in this film, which was obviously taken on the 1st floor? 

One really has to wonder about Backes' mind because this is sloppy reporting to the extreme. Why would he say such a thing? I guess it's because it's ridiculous, so he thinks it will make me look ridiculous. But, he only makes himself look ridiculous. I even pointed out that you can hear the reporter say as they are putting Ruby into the elevator that "they are taking him back up to the 5th floor."

Above, I think they just added a black screen there and tried to make it look like a jacket. Obviously, a handcuffed man could not put a jacket on in 3 seconds- or 3 hours. So, it's not really a jacket. His condition didn't change from the previous image. This is just more flim-flam, of which there is so much in the JFK assassination, which is the most photographically altered event of all time. 

Then, Backes said that I said that Pierce was filmed twice driving out. No. On the contrary, they wouldn't want to film him twice when they were saying that he only did it once. I never said they filmed him twice, you idiot. I said that he did it twice; he pulled out twice; once when Ruby was there at the ramp-entrance and once just for the camera, a minute before the shooting.

Undoubtedly, they were tracking Ruby the whole time. The whole show was waiting on Ruby. The whole crowd gathered at the ramp entrance was there for Ruby. Why else would they have been gathered at an incoming ramp? And don't tell me they expected Oswald to be driven out that way. That is ridiculous.  If they expected to see Oswald, they would have been on Commerce Street. So, what were those people doing there? 

Joseph Backes is the most stupid mudder-rucker of all time: Backass the Jackass. 

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