Friday, June 30, 2017

Billy Lovelady had clinically protruding ears. It was a developmental anomaly of his. In Medicine, if your ears protrude more than 2 centimeters from the side of your head, it's considered an abnormality- outside the range of normal. And I do believe that in looking at the one true image of him that we have, that it shows that. 

The one and only reliable, trustworthy, dependable image of him that we have is the one obtained by Mark Lane. That's it. No other.

It is impossible to overestimate the value to historical truth that this image has. And the obtaining of it was very bold and courageous because at the time (the winter of 1964) the Dallas Police and the FBI in Dallas had declared him off-limits for picture-taking. Anyone caught trying to snap a picture of him was subject to arrest. This is an unauthorized photo , and not just unauthorized, but taken in defiance of authority.  Two things stand out: his ears, and the extent of his baldness, which was severe for a 26 year old. He was no match for Doorman.

Look at the contrast in those ears. How could anybody claim that those ears are a match? It would take some pretty bold-faced lying to that. And he's obviously a lot balder. Meanwhile, the match to Oswald is perfect-except for the phony "crown" that was installed on the head of Doorman. 

So yes, the tops of the heads, including the hairlines, are different; they do not match; but it's only because of photographic alteration. Now, if you are going to deny that, then what you are telling us is that Lee Oswald and Billy Lovelady were twins from the eyes down, and all they had to do to look like twins was both wear baseball caps. If they covered their crowns, they would be indistinguishable.  But, you know that such a thing is impossible. The correct explanation for this is: photographic alteration. Transferring Lovelady's crown from another image to this one is the one thing they did to convert the Doorway Man into Billy Lovelady.  I shall continue. 

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