Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I have to give Detective Elmer Boyd credit for one thing, and he laughed when he said it. He said: All this talk about Jack Ruby being a gangster is nonsense; he was no gangster.

And it got me thinking that there's probably a lot more that is nonsense about Jack Ruby, besides the fact that he wasn't a gangster, and he didn't shoot Lee Harvey Oswald. I am referring to the whole bit about Jack Ruby being this tough guy, this brawler, this guy who served as bouncer at his own club, roughing up guys, and manhandling them out of his club when the mood struck him; and also a guy who manhandled women too, rather like Woody Allen's line for his Humphrey Bogart character, "I never met a dame yet who didn't understand a slap in the face or a slug from a .45." Rumor has it that Ruby threw a woman down a flight of stairs just two weeks before the assassination, hurting her badly. Do you believe that? But, how could it be true? How could the police not have found out about that? Do you realize that medical professionals are legally required to call the police when someone like that comes in?  

So, what do you think about those stories? I'll tell you what I think: I think it is all part of the lore. It's all part of the myth-building. It's all the carving of his persona. And of course the same was done with Oswald. Didn't he beat his wife Marina? Routinely? And when he caught her smoking, didn't he grab the cigarette and put it out by rubbing it into her shoulder? There are no police reports of domestic violence concerning the Oswalds. And there is no record at all of any kind of physical abuse of her prior to the assassination. There were people who claimed that they heard about it before the assassination, but they didn't make the claim until after the assassination. Why at the time didn't they report it to the police? They didn't need Marina's permission to do that. If they informed the police that a woman was being abused, the police would have investigated. And if you read Marina's testimony about it, she sounded very reticent, very uncomfortable, very uneasy about saying those things about Oswald. 

My friend John Armstrong spent 3 weeks as a house guest of Marina Oswald and her husband some years ago in which he really got to know them. And I can tell you John's opinion about this: Oswald never beat his wife. 

Look at the images of Ruby post-assassination. Look how sheepish he is. Does he look like a tough guy? Does he look like a guy who would be saying, "I hope the son of a bitch dies."? 

Is this the same guy who fended off a dozen big cops in the garage, where they couldn't contain him until they got inside the jail office? 


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