Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Jason Burke 

Re: Evidence that Ruby reached the garage substantially earlier than
On 6/27/17 12:19 PM, Ralph Cinque wrote:
> I told you, Haydon, I mean Sparta, the cops were all in on it. Just today,
In your little fairy tale is there anyone that was in Dallas in late
November 1963 that *wasn't* in on it, Ralph? 

Ralph Cinque: 

Marrion Baker wasn't in on it. And notice that he was in no way involved with the Oswald shooting. You only have to watch the footage to recognize that there is nothing real about any of it. Police don't actually do that, struggle with a guy and keep struggling with him, even though it's plain as day that they already have him completely dominated and controlled. And yet, it goes on and on until they are filing into the jail office with him. It is nonsense. Such a thing has never happened before; it has never happened since; and it is unlikely to ever happen again. You really have to be childish and obtuse not to see that the whole thing is fake, fake, fake.  

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