Sunday, June 25, 2017

This is Dan Rather talking about what happened on November 24 and why CBS missed filming the Oswald shooting live. 

He claimed to be at the KRLD station, but he said that Nelson Benton, a celebrated newsman, was there. 

At the time, Nelson Benton was the News Chief for CBS' Southern Bureau. 

Rather said that he was on the line with New York and with Nelson Benton, who was hounding him to have them cut to the garage because Oswald was about to come out. Rather said that Nelson was usually a very mild-mannered, soft-spoken guy, but in this case, he was screaming: "They need to cut to us! They need to cut to us!" But, that was before Oswald got shot. It was at a time that the expectation was that Oswald was going to be walked 20 feet, put into a car, and driven away. 

Just imagine if it had gone that way.

"Here is Oswald now. He is walking between two detectives. They're heading towards a car. They are looking straight ahead. They're just about there. OK, now they've reached the car. Now, they are getting into the car. Now they are in the car with the doors closed. And, now the car is leaving and heading up the ramp...
Elsewhere in the news..."

That's all it was supposed to be. Did Nelson Benton think it was going to be anything other than that? And they had been filming Oswald all weekend. It's not as though this was a rare opportunity to catch a glimpse of him. Imagine if they broadcast the "jail transfer" without the shooting, how boring it would be. And it wasn't even a "jail transfer." It was just a guy being put in a car. That's all it was. which is to say, that's all it was supposed to be.

So now you can listen to Dan Rather describe how he was pleading with CBS in New York to come to them, even though Oswald being walked to a car and driven off was all it was supposed to be.

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