Sunday, June 25, 2017

Backes!! Why do you have to be such an idiot?? I didn't say they didn't exist or that they weren't there. I am simply trying to establish Davidson's location at the time he shot his film by looking for him where he said he was. Now, how does it help to show a picture of him outside afterwards? 

He and his sound man Fergusson, both carrying their equipment, were supposedly at the back of the recess, in front of the double doors. 

I am looking for a film which shows them in that location. It's no help to have a picture of Davidson on the street afterwards.

However one thing it does do is show how huge his camera was, and it was pretty damn huge. And look how high he had to hold it up. Shouldn't that be visible in the garage? How do you hide a thing like that? Get busy trying to find that, you dumb pluck. 

So, now we know what we're looking for. Do you see him here?

How about here?

I find it hard to believe that right in front of his eyes and his camera that two large men, Leavelle and Combest, picked up the sprawled Oswald and carried him inside, and Davidson didn't catch so much as a glimpse of it. It's very troubling. The fact is that Davidson captured NOTHING: just pandemonium. We don't see Oswald being taken in. We don't see "Ruby" being taken in. We just see a few bogus images of guys who clearly were not Jack Ruby.

Of the 3 bogus images, only 1, the first one, can be found in the film. 

But, that doesn't make it legit. He's obviously not Jack Ruby. And who takes time out from a melee to look at the camera? What sign is there that anyone was manhandling that guy? 

And even the darkness of Davidson's film is in question. There was plenty of light. If the KRLD photographer could get a brighter film, why couldn't he? 

Showing Davidson on the sidewalk does nothing to answer any of these questions.

You're an idiot, Backes: born stupid and forever stupid. Hey! Where's that blueprint of how Fritz knew that Ruby was coming so that he could get out of the way for him?  

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