Friday, June 16, 2017

We know exactly who altered the Moorman photo. It was the FBI. And we know that from what Mary Moorman, a very honest person, told us. She said that it was after the FBI borrowed it that it was returned with the white thumb print on it.

The whole notion of somebody pressing their thumb into it like it was a fingerprint pad is pretty preposterous. But, even if someone did, it wouldn't leave a white mark. I've tried it repeatedly with Polaroids that I have, and it had no effect at all. You didn't know after I did it that I'd done it. I don't know how they did that, but the credibility of the claim that it happened by accident rests at zero. 

So, the FBI did it, and they did it on purpose, and it's not the only picture they altered. Look what they did to the image they took of Billy Lovelady.

Around the same time, Mark Lane secured his picture of Lovelady.

Notice that Mark Lane's Lovelady is balder, but what hair he's got is longer. Now, who are you going to trust? The FBI or Mark Lane?

So, that's two images in which the FBI was directly involved in altering them. 

And since it was done by the FBI, I presume it went to the top: to J. Edgar Hoover. The doctored image of Lovelady was sent to the Warren Commission accompanied by a letter from Hoover.

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