Thursday, June 15, 2017

This picture was taken a few weeks before the assassination. Next to Ruby on his left, our right, is Tony Zoppi, who was the entertainment editor for the Dallas Morning News. After the Oswald killing, he immediately did an interview with Bill Lord to talk about Ruby, and what he said was totally supportive of the official scenario. Many people suspect that Tony was CIA, and let's face it: the entire Dallas Morning News was CIA-connected. And by the way, Zoppi was one of the people who reportedly was with Ruby at the time of the JFK assassination. The other was DMN Advertising manager Dan Archer, and that's his wife sitting next to Zoppi. Then, on Ruby's right, our left, is reportedly Malcolm Liggett, who was the brother of John Liggett, the mortician who is believed to be the one they brought in to alter JFK's body; also Malcolm's wife Suzanne is next to him. But, there is some dispute about it; for one thing the "Liggetts" have disputed it. However, for two people to be mistaken for two other people is many times more uncommon than for one person to be mistaken for another.  Here's the video of Tony Zoppi helping paint the picture of Jack Ruby.

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