Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I am wondering about Oswald's hair on 11/24/63.  Here he is in the Johnston photo, looking very coiffed. 

There is no other image like that showing his hair looking GQ-ish. 
But, here he is in the WFAA film when he just came off the elevator:

Holey Moley. He seems to have much more recession there, doesn't he? Yikes. 

Here was his hair at 6:00 the evening before:

By the way, Oswald was talking to Bookhout there. That was also when Oswald complained about the lack of a shower. So, did he ever get one? There is no report of it that I know of. But, that doesn't mean it didn't happen. Let's turn to the timeline:

On John McAdam's timeline of the life of LHO, which was done W. Tracy Parnell, one of his lieutenants, it says only this about Saturday evening:

7:15 PM: LHO is returned to his cell.

8:00 PM: LHO phones Ruth Paine and asks to speak to Marina. Ruth tells him she is no
longer there.

And that's it? Until the next day?  What about his attempt to call Intelligence Agent John Hurt in North Carolina? The time was reportedly after 11 and close to midnight. 

Not even worth mentioning, eh? I tell you, the chutzpah of these people is amazing. 

Back to the timeline: 

Sunday, November 24, 1963

9:30 AM: LHO is signed out of jail in anticipation of a transfer to the county facility.

11:15 AM: The transfer party leaves Fritz' office after a final round of questions.

11:21 AM: LHO is shot by Jack Ruby in the basement of the Dallas city jail.

1:07 PM: LHO is pronounced dead at Parkland Hospital.

OK, so when did the hair-coifing come in? And who did it? I doubt that Oswald even had a comb on him. Let's look at his hair in the Jackson photo:

Yet again, it's different. On his right side, he doesn't seem to have any recession showing. His hair looks neatly parted and combed over. His hair looks full there. 

 In the Beers photo, he has got a big ol' cowlick hanging out in back:

Did he have that there the whole time? And it wasn't apparent in any other image? What else could that be besides a cowlick?

What about Davidson? He caught him from behind.

There seems to be no cowlick whatsoever there.

How do you account for these differences? You don't. This was a man who walked from an elevator, down a hallway, then 20 feet into a garage, and his hair changed with every step. The reality is that the photos, Beers, Jackson, and Johnston, are all highly doctored, highly polished images; in a word; they are photoshopped. Now, I know they didn't have Photoshop in 1963, but, I am using the word generically. They had other methods of doctoring photos back then. And each was given a different look. The thought that somebody might compare the images simply didn't occur to them. 

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