Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Exactly how did this situation not lead to "Ruby's" containment, his hands being brought behind his back and handcuffs applied? The resolution of a struggle, the establishment of control over a violent person is not a function of taking him anywhere. It is a function of disabling his ability to resist, to act out, to be aggressive. And that disablement is accomplished, invariably, by the application of restraints: handcuffs. You can see that Blackie Harrison has got the shooter securely around the torso. How did any movement from there take place? How did that situation change from there to anything except getting restraints on him on the spot? Why didn't Blackie just stay planted where he was and not let the shooter go anywhere? How did it move from here, and who moved it from here? Was it the indomitable power of little Hercules that moved it, rather like a running back moving through a line and dragging defenders with him? Or was it the cop themselves who moved it from here because they all somehow knew that getting him into the jail office uncuffed was the plan? But, how could they possibly know such a thing? Nobody yelled, "Let's get him into the jail office!" So, how did they all know that they were doing that? Don't you get it? It was all an act, all a show. What you're seeing is not a fight with "Ruby." It's not a struggle. It isn't turmoil. It isn't pandemonium. They're all on the same side. They're all working together. They're all cooperating. The big guys are trying to cover up the little guy, as they move him to safety, safety being out of camera view.  If he was really Jack Ruby, they would have finished it right there in the garage, and it would have been a situation like this one, and we would have seen it right before our very eyes, right there in the garage. 

Anyone who actually believes this laughable "fight" scene was anything but an act is just a blithering fool who sucks from the teet of the fascist state. You really have to be an idiot to believe this absurd and ridiculous demonstration. It isn't real. It is just theater. It is just a show. It is just pap for the masses. 

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