Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Backes, you stupid idiot, from the start, I referred to Lord's remark as "ironic." It's ironic because he thought he was looking at Oswald and referring to Oswald being taken back upstairs, but he was really looking at Ruby, who ironically, was being taken back upstairs. The irony is that in being mistaken, he was actually correct.

And no, this is not a freeze-frame from Youtube. It's a frame that David Von Pein put up, and I don't know where he got it. But, it's better- much better- than the freeze-frames, and therefore, I am using it. Call it a gift. 

So, your criticism of the quality of it is totally unfounded.

But, let's look further at Bill Lord's comment. He said the man's shirt was torn, but notice that he said nothing about a jacket hanging off of him. And of course, there is no jacket, partially on partially off or however the hell you put it. There is no jacket, period. But, you helped yourself to the delusion that there is because you want there to be one. That's how you do research; you assume whatever you want to be true. Another African-American in the doorway? Sure, why not? The Loveladys provided the wedding photo to the HSCA? Step right up and help yourself. 

There was no disrobing of Ruby in the jail office. And jackets don't come off during struggles. How could the arms come out of the sleeves? 

And let's talk further about this "struggle." What exactly was Ruby doing in the struggle? Was he swiping and punching at police? There is certainly no evidence of that, and there is no testimony to that effect either. From everything we can see, "Ruby" was completely passive. There really wasn't a struggle; there was no fight. There was just the dragging of "Ruby" into the jail office under cover. Still, how could a jacket come off from that? How could arms come out of sleeves?

Backes, you even admit that Dallas Police were working with Ruby. You said they were complicit. And you said that everybody knows they were complicit. You said that Fritz deliberately positioned himself to give Ruby an open shot. So, tell us, Backes: how did Fritz know that Ruby was going to be there and shoot Oswald? How did he find out? Did the other African-American tell him? You really don't know, do you? Then, why do you have that conviction? You really don't know, do you? Idiot. 

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