Saturday, June 17, 2017

This is the Muchmore frame which corresponds most closely with the Moorman photo. Hence, we are essentially seeing Babushka Lady take the Moorman photo. Notice that in this frame, it looks like BJ Martin is in front of Hargis. If we use left and right as indicators, Martin's head is slightly left of Hargis', which suggests he's forward. But, that's an optical illusion, and it depends on the perspective. I'm sure that to Mary Moorman's eyes (and her camera if she was shooting then, though she wasn't; she was done shooting) Hargis was in front of Martin. But, to Marie Muchmore and to the Babushka lady, Martin was slightly forward of Hargis. Notice that the juxtaposition of the front wheel of Martin's bike (and not that nobody questions that that is Martin's bike) is about the same as what we see in the Moorman photo.

Do you notice that it's about the same, the juxtaposition of the motorcycle front wheel and the rear wheel of the limo? Except we are supposed to believe that in the Moorman photo, it's Hargis' bike while in the Muchmore frame, it is obviously Martin's bike. Well, let me tell you: it's the same bike in both: Martin's bike. 

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