Friday, June 23, 2017

These are definitely tail lights, but the matter is still intriguing. 

So, the alleged plan was that this car, containing Oswald, Leavelle, and Graves, with Dhority driving, would follow the Brinks truck to the County Jail. So, he's backing up there, but why does the tail light look so light in color? The pictures I am finding all show a rather dark red color. I realize it's black and white, but I'm wondering why it isn't darker in grey-scale. 

Then, the lights came on, but not because he hit the brakes. Brake lights burn red, for sure. So, did he put the headlights on which activated these lights? Or were their backup lights that he put on? But, why didn't he put them on before? Why did he wait until the last second, until he was practically stopped?

Doesn't it seem like backing it up that close to people that he would be riding the brakes? 

Then, he does come to a rather abrupt stop. You see the car jostle and bounce as it comes to a stop. So, he had to do something, right? But, if he just stepped on the brake, the brake light would have come on. 

Nothing ever changes. Here's a car backing up into a parking spot.

Then, he hits the brake.

So, why didn't we something like that with Dhority? Did he not hit the brake? 

Since we don't see the activation of the brake lights, which are activated by hitting the brakes, I assume he didn't hit them. So, how did he get the car to stop? Did he downshift and pull up on the handbrake? But, why would he do that?

Watch it yourself. It starts at 13:05.

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