Wednesday, June 21, 2017

On the left is Will Fritz' car being driven by Detective Charles Dhority. They had the Brinks truck to transport Oswald, but the story became that that was just going to be a decoy, that Oswald would ride with Leavelle, Graves, and Dhority in Fritz' car. But, they really didn't mean that either. Just ask Joseph Backes. He'll tell you that the Dallas Police knew that Oswald was going to get shot, that they were in on it, that Fritz positioned himself to give "Ruby" an opening. Therefore, all the stories about how they were going to transport Oswald were lies. They knew very well that he was going to be transported in an ambulance, either to the hospital or the morgue. So, this car pulling in was just for show. But, did they ever say whether it was going to exit Main or Commerce? They probably never said. I presume they meant that it would exit Commerce. But, if that's true, then Dhority was going to have to turn around. Then, there's this guy:

That's Lt. Pierce heading for the Main Street ramp, and we are told that he was going to drive around to Commerce Street in order to get in position to be the police escort for the Brinks truck. But this was just 1 minute before the shooting. Doesn't it seem like Pierce would have gotten into position before that? Why would he cut it so close? Consider: he had to turn left on Main, since it was one-way. And then when he got to Harwood, he had to keep going because that was one-way too: going north. So, he would have had to drive to the next street, make a left, go to Commerce, and then take Commerce for two blocks to get back to City Hall. But, he wasn't going to turn his siren on and run lights, was he? And he could easily get stuck at lights, couldn't he? So, why would he wait until just one minute before?  It makes no sense. And, the fact is that he got delayed pulling out the ramp. Officer Vaughan had to go out into the street in order to stop traffic so that Pierce could exit.  

And then, when we go back to what Backes said, that the Dallas Police were "complicit" in the murder (that's the word he used, complicit, where Fritz positioned himself to give "Ruby" an easy shot) then the whole caravan of vehicles to the County Jail was never going to happen, and they knew it was never going to happen. Because Oswald was going to get shot, right? And they knew that, right? Even Joseph Backes will tell you that.

But, doesn't it seem like overkill to not only have a Brinks trunk, that was not going to be used, but to set up this "lead car" which was also not going to be used?  I mean: JFK's motorcade had a lead car, but Oswald's transfer to the County Jail also needed a lead car as well as a Brinks truck? 

Now when Vaughan felt it necessary to assist Pierce in pulling out, he also knew about his responsibility to safeguard the entrance, right? He didn't forget, did he? Of course not. So why really couldn't he do both? What if, say, he walked sideways and turned his head back and forth repeatedly, so that he could keep his eyes on the entrance to make sure no one entered while also appraising the traffic situation. And even if he had to step into the street to stop traffic, motorists respond quickly to cops, don't they? So, how many seconds would have passed before he could again turns his eyes back to the ramp? And Ruby saw both Pierce and Vaughan when he was there. He identified Pierce because he knew him. He So, if Ruby saw him, how is it that Pierce didn't see him? When Vaughan made the mistake of taking his eyes off the entrance to help Pierce exit, didn't Pierce notice that? And wouldn't he naturally take up the slack and pay attention to the people gathered there? And how come the double standard? On Commerce Street, they didn't allow people to congregate at the ramp. Spectators had to watch from across the street. So, why didn't they do the same thing on Main? Look how much easier it would have been for Vaughan.  

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