Wednesday, June 28, 2017

"It's a Barnum and Bailey world.....

     ....Just as phony as it can be."

So, they couldn't end the struggle right there in the garage? It had to drag on into the jail office, did it? And there's Dhority, sitting in his car with his foot on the break, even though it's been stopped for 3 seconds already. Why doesn't he get out? He heard the shot, and he said he heard the shot. So, how could he not get out to find out of who, if anyone, particularly Oswald, was shot, and what his condition was? Was he dead? Was he alive? It was of no interest to Charles Dhority. He just stayed in the car. At some point, he had to pull the car out of the way for the ambulance. But, we don't see him, his person, until Oswald was being loaded into the ambulance. 

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