Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The other thing that gives me pause about Dan Rather is: WHY would he remain at KRLD? He didn't work there. The excuse, I mean the reason, he gave is that he was "sub-anchoring" referring to Walter Cronkite being in New York as the anchor and himself as the sub-anchor at KRLD. But, what evidence is there that he did any sub-anchoring from KRLD that day? I do know that the very next day, the 25th, is the day he gave his historic spiel on television in which he lied about the content of the Zapruder- what it showed. He actually said that the reason why Kennedy had a hole in his neck is because he turned all the way around and was shot in the neck from behind, and the film showed it. Here is an image of Dan Rather broadcasting from KRLD on November 25.

But, what did he do there on the 24th? And, he kept saying how hard he was trying to get New York to switch to them because Oswald was about to come out, but what did he expect to happen? It was supposed to be Oswald being walked 20 feet to a car, getting into the car, and then being driven away. Now, why did he think that was so urgent to be covered? He's got all this remorse, all this "if only" but the truth is that for the whole US media to have made such a big deal out of covering Oswald being walked 20 feet to a car is bizarre. In the KRLD footage, you see them wheeling in all this big camera equipment, and I ask myself: they knew it was just going to be a 20 foot walk, didn't they? I have to walk farther than that to pick a tomato from my garden. The thing was pretty twisted. Did they know Jack Ruby was coming? That's impossible because not even Jack Ruby knew he was coming. 

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