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> Ralph, You claim that Ruby was already in the custody of the Dallas Police
> at the time Oswald was shot, and that he was brought down and paraded as
> the killer in the jail office after Bookhout was snuck out. So, if Ruby
> was actually already in custody, how did he know that officer Sam Rio
> Pierce had driven out of the garage basement in a police car one minute
> before the shooting, through the entrance on Main Street, and stopped
> outside the entrance to speak with the officer that was supposed to be
> keeping anyone from entering the basement from Main Street? Only someone
> that was actually there, outside the Main Street entrance, would know it
> was Sam Rio Pierce, and that he had briefly stopped and spoken with the
> other officer. How could Ruby have know that if he was already in custody?
> Ruby explains his access into the basement, and that it was Sam Rio Pierce
> in the car, during this interview at the 1:50 mark on this video....
> You can see Sam Rio Pierce driving the car out of the garage via the Main
> Street access, at the 12:10 mark of the KRLD video, (1 minute before the
> shooting) on this link....
> Explanation please.

Ralph Cinque:

What are you talking about? I have never disputed that. On the contrary, I have always said that Ruby must have been telling the truth when he said that he reached the garage through the Main Street ramp because he identified Sam Pierce.

But, IT WAS EARLIER that it happened! In his testimony to the Warren Commission, Ruby said that he was at the WU office at 10:15. He was quickly corrected by a Secret Service agent, and he didn't dispute it, but even so. That's what happened; Ruby was correct, although I can't be sure of the exact time. 

So, there was a separate incident with Ruby in the garage, earlier, with no cameras present, and probably a completely different group of people because Ruby didn't recognize anyone. They pounced upon him, dragged him away, and told him that he shot Oswald. They took him up to the 5th floor, and that is where he was when they got everything ready for the televised spectacle. And after it, they had Ruby at hand in the jail office, ready to be filmed in the aftermath. That was the "switch" in the bait and switch when they inserted him into the story- for the first time. They just made the mistake of leaving his jacket upstairs when he should have been wearing it.  

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