Monday, June 26, 2017

So, the National Media thought it was critically important to cover that 20 foot walk of Oswald being put in a car and driven away. 

But, what about at the Dallas County Jail? Wasn't that far more interesting? There, Oswald had to be processed; he would have mug shots taken; he would finally be issued some prisoner garb, which Ruby got immediately down to his underwear. But, wasn't that going to be more of a story?

So, when you consider the presence that the National Media had in the garage, then what did they have waiting at the Dallas County Jail for Oswald's big arrival there?

I am not finding anything about this when I search for it. It's like there is a complete blackout. And if my enemies are able to dig something up about it, fine and dandy- let the fucking hamsters work. But, even if they do, it doesn't change the fact that it's off the radar; it's not part of the story, that the national media was waiting at the County Jail. My hunch is that there were no Nelson Bentons waiting at the County Jail. 

Now, try to find images of the scene at the Dallas County Jail awaiting Oswald. So far, I have only found this one of Sheriff Bill Decker. He wasn't big on wearing a uniform. 

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