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You don't know how to think, Sparta. First of all: the images rule. And
the images have determined that the Garage Shooter was not Jack Ruby. And
the fact is that there isn't a single "Jack Ruby feature" that you can
cite about the Garage Shooter. What about him makes him Jack Ruby? His
height? Even if he were the right height, it would hardly matter because
there would be lots of men that height. But, he's the wrong height. He's
too short to be Jack Ruby. His hair? It's too long to be Jack Ruby, and
worst of all, it's razored clean in back, which Ruby's wasn't at the time.
You have NOTHING to cite that marks that man as even possibly being Jack
Ruby, never mind definitely being him.

Then, it all works perfectly to match the guy to James Bookhout, who was
short, who was cleanly razored on the back of his neck, just like the
Garage Shooter. And, we even have a straight-on shot of the shooter's face
taken a couple minutes after the fracas that matches perfectly to
authorized pictures of James Bookhout.

So, the Garage Shoter was James Bookhout, and there is no doubt about
that. It is completely and totally confirmed and resolved.

Then, there is Pierce. It was a little less than 1 minute beforehand that
he made his way up the Main Street ramp. But, he had to go through Harwood
Street since Harwood went north to the next street whatever it is, turn
left there, then make another left on Commerce and then proceed down to
the ramp. Think about how many lights that was. One: the light at Main and
Harwood. Two: the light at Main and the next street. Three: the light at
Commerce and whatever street he took to get to it. Four: the light at
Commerce and Harwood. Who, in a situation like that, would allow just 1
minutes, a little less than a minute, to get situated? And what was he
waiting for? What did he have to do that he couldn't leave earlier? In
fact, doesn't it seem likely that getting the lead car in place would have
been done a lot earlier? Why not?

So, there is no credibility to Pierce waiting until the last minute. There
is no credibility to anyone being gathered at the Main Street ramp when it
was an incoming ramp. And yet, there was a crowd there. Why?

We have on record Jack Ruby stating that the time he sent his money wire
was 10:15. He was promptly corrected by a Secret Service Agent who was not
in Dallas or the state of Texas on November 24, and Ruby didn't question
it, but he never questioned anything he was told. He was very subservient
to law enforcement. But, the fact that his recollection was 10:15 still
stands, and it is riveting. And that's because we already know, beyond a
shadow of a doubt, that he was not in that garage at 11:20. There are no
images of him there. And, the images of the shooter not only conflict with
him, they also conflict with each other, where one was taller and thinner
and the other shorter and more squatty. There is not a single frame of the
Garage Shooter that can remotely be recognized and identified as Jack
Ruby. People only say he was Ruby because that's what they were told.

Sparta, Jack Ruby was framed. He did NOT shoot Oswald. He was set up. He
was mentally ill and strung out on drugs, and subject to blackouts, and
they knew he would believe whatever they told him.

We have undeniable proof that Dallas detectives lied, including Leavelle
and Graves. Leavelle described a whole scenario of what happened and what
he did that is in complete defiance with the film record.

And, the amount of photographic and film alteration connected with the
Oswald shooting is staggering, including the famous Jackson photo, which
is a monstrosity.

And where are you left? You're left trying to diminish stark photographic
evidence by playing the "blurry" card (where there aren't even issues of
blurriness). Ultimately, you are just the guy saying, "Pay no attention to
the man behind the curtain."

The killing of Oswald was a joint DPD/FBI plot, which was probably
authorized by both Lyndon Johnson and J. Edgar Hoover. I've have had 3
articles published on VT about Bookhout being the real Garage Shooter, and
I'm working on a 4th. This can't be stopped- not by you and not by

We'll just see, won't we.   

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