Thursday, June 22, 2017

OIC member Bernard Wilds found something important. 

Jack Ruby liked to wear a ring.

You see the ring, right? 

Both times on the pinkie, but on one right, and the other left. 

Let's look at one more, and in this one, his hands look weird.

How many fingers does he have there? I count 11. And why is it so weird? How could his left pinkie (bottom right) be so thick? It looks more like a thumb. So, I have to think that this is yet another JFK assassination-related manipulated image of which there are so many. There are more altered images than unaltered ones. But look at his right pinkie on our left. There is a ring of discoloration there. A ring perhaps?

But, I think the point has been made that Jack dug rings. But now, let's look at the garage shooter.

That hand is not physically possible. He couldn't get his thumb to where it is. It's going too far. And there's a line there that shouldn't be there. You couldn't duplicate that. But, the other thing is that you couldn't tuck your pinkie away like we see there. Try flexing your fingers. They all flex together. The pinkie joint is a little recessed because it's shorter, but not as much as we see there. That is a highly manipulated image.

So, did they want to remove his pinkie to remove the issue of a ring? Of course, that was Bookhout not Ruby, and I'm sure that Bookhout knew better than to wear a ring. 

Then, in the Beers photo, the hand is also weird, but in a different way.

Now the pinkie is too long; it's as long as the ring finger. Some have assumed that he is holding something in his hand, like a card. Of course, that isn't part of the story. But, this was just .3 second before the other. That's less than 1/3 of 1 second. So how could he change what he's doing with his hand, and why would he? 

Oh, the evil of it all. Evil, evil, evil. But, the point is that Jack Ruby may have been wearing a ring that day, and if so, they must have taken it from him and vanished it. And if he ever asked them about it, they must have told him that he's mistaken that he wasn't wearing one. And he believed them. Don't you get it? Jack Ruby would believe anything they told him. He was under their spell. And that is the only way this could have been pulled off. 

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