Thursday, June 22, 2017

Isn't it obvious that Martin appears to be in front of Hargis in the Muchmore film? Generally, we say that things that are leftward in the photo, as we look at it, are forward of things that are rightward. Here, the difference isn't much, but Martin is leftward of Hargis in the picture. So, in that sense, he appears to be ahead of him. 

I never said that he WAS ahead of him, only that he appears to be. And likewise, it is the same way in the Moorman photo, except that they used the "accidental" thumbprint to hide it.

So that, became this:

Meanwhile, my enemies can't even explain the thumbprint, how it happened. And no matter what explanation they give, my response will be: "Shut your trap; stop your lip-flapping; and demonstrate it. Show don't tell."

Until they do that, they have no argument. And they are never going to do that. They, in fact, have no argument; just gibberish. 

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