Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Some fool on McAdams' forum (and he uses an alias, as many of them do over there, and I understand why because we're discussing a historical event, and it's a dangerous business; a very ruthless field, populated with thugs and punks) said that a few blurry pictures do not compare with eye-witness testimonies. 

Specifically, he was referring to my finding of the discordance between the back of the Garage Shooter's head and the back of Jack Ruby's head.

So, there is the very scruffy neck of Jack Ruby on the left, versus the finely razored neck of the shooter on the right. Except that that guy isn't even the shooter, who was this guy, on the left, who was a much shorter man:

To claim that those were the same man is not only wrong: it is insane. It is the abject denial of objective reality. And to claim that lip-flapping by "public servants" overrules this that the eyes can see is the ultimate "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain."

The irony is that even though the JFK assassination is the most photographically altered event in the history of Man, the fact is that the photographic evidence is still the most important evidence in the case. And that is for two reasons: #1, the alterations constitute evidence in the case- evidence of criminality. It is a crime to alter forensic evidence- and that is what they did. But secondly, despite the many alterations, there is still a lot of usable visual information in the images, and it is information that we can inspect and examine directly, and from the comfort of our own homes, thanks to the digital revolution- which they never saw coming. Home computing and the world wide web have been the undoing of the JFK assassination plot. 

And note the hypocrisy of the people who trash the images as being "too blurry" because they use the images whenever they think they support their contentions. They just play the "blurry" card when they have no other recourse in light of highly damaging photographic evidence- and there is a lot of it.  

And this evidence is never going away. All my images are backed up: multiply. It's like the genie out of the bottle; she's out there-forever. And I must admit that it is very satisfying when I do an internet search for something and keep coming across my own work. 

To give you an accurate idea about the progress that has been made, the Oswald Innocence Campaign has not only been studying the history of the JFK assassination, we are now part of the history. It is historic that the largest JFK assassination congregation in the world is one that is devoted to Oswald's innocence based on his visible presence in the doorway. 


Truth is rising. No one can stop it- certainly not the vicious thugs, punks, and morons who are opposing us. 

You think the official story of the JFK assassination isn't collapsing? When one of the most powerful leaders in the world today recently intimated, on the world stage, that the JFK assassination was the operation of US intelligence agencies? 

And, it is only going to get worse. That the official story of the JFK assassination is going to suffer complete collapse is a certainty. 

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