Wednesday, June 21, 2017

"We do see Jack Ruby being taken into the side door.  We see that from the front and from behind." Joseph Backes

Ralph Cinque: Then show me the images. You should then have at least two images of Jack Ruby being taken in the side door. That's 'in" the door not "into" it, you dipshit. 

And get something straight, moron: This is not Jack Ruby being taken in the door.

Nor is this:

Nor is this:

So, if any or all of those are what you are talking about, then it only proves your assholicity and nothing else. 

You said there are images of Ruby being taken in the door. So show them. 

Then, the moron claims that this is an image of Ruby actually shooting Oswald. 

Hmm. That's odd. Because we have the WFAA film, and that frame isn't in it. So, where did it come from, Backes? 

And why would anyone accept that that's the moment Oswald was shot? Here's what the film actually shows. We'll start with this frame showing Oswald from behind, and you can make out Leavelle in his Easter suit. There is a guy there on the right who is already obstructing the view. Shame. 

Then, that guy in back moves out of the way a little, so we get to see more of Leavelle.

Then, we start losing Leavelle again, and we're losing Oswald too.

Then, we have lost Leavelle almost completely.

Then, we get to a brightly illuminated frame:

Now, we can see Graves, Oswald, and Leavelle, but the angle has changed. Now, we're not seeing Leavelle's back as we did before. 

We're seeing him from the side.

Then we lose all visibility of them.

When does this frame occur?

It doesn't. Here's the film. Start at 25 minutes. See if you can find it.

Fact: There is no image of Ruby being taken in the door. 
Fact: There is no image of Oswald being carried in.

And these images, purportedly of Jack Ruby, are obviously not him. Why would anyone even think that is the shooter's hat? Look how tall the hat is.

And think about it spatially. If Davidson was back by the double doors, then how could his camera see through Graves and the others to capture the face of the shooter? You see above how the shooter came in from the side, brushing by Graves. How could Davidson's camera capture his face? 

It's utterly ridiculous. This is just another bogus image. It is certainly not Jack Ruby, and it is certainly not anything real.

What an evil bastard Backes is. He has the nerve to claim that the Dallas Police were complicit in the murder of Oswald, but doesn't say a word about it except that Fritz deliberately positioned himself to give "Ruby" an opening. How about filling in the rest of the story, Backes?

As I said, the evil is staggering; it is breathtaking. And that evil is personified in the person of Joseph Backes. 

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