Thursday, June 22, 2017

I just added an unnecessary e, Backes. Lit is a legitimate word. 

Now, moving on. another thing about that Davis film is that somehow provokes the idea of greater distance than was involved. Doesn't it seem like Davidson is way back and far away from Oswald?

 It's actually a very small space.

Where was Davidson? He was presumably inside the double doors when he shot them getting off the elevator and walking through the office to get to the side door. But note that we don't see him in the KRLD footage, even though the doors are open and it's lit up. But then presumably, he went through the double doors and was standing a little in front of them. So, the distance involved was very small. So, how could he be there filming when Leavelle and Combest picked up Oswald and carried him inside without capturing any of it? Answer: THEY weren't going to let us see Oswald being carried inside. That was not allowed. It was prohibited. It wasn't the frenzy and pandemonium that caused it. And the frenzy and pandemonium were all fake anyway. That's what those cops were there for, to make sure there was no visibility of the principals during the evacuation of the garage. 

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