Saturday, June 24, 2017

Here is 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 backing up, and you can see the backup lights came on. Now, he didn't put them. Backup lights come on automatically when you put the in reverse. That's how it works on my truck, and that's how it works on most cars, perhaps all cars. I've been driving for 50 years, and I've owned dozens of cars. Never once did I have to turn on the backup lights on any vehicle, and I have never spoken to anyone who has had to do that.

So, those are the backup lights. Therefore, what the hell are we looking at here?

You can see in the top picture that the backup light was very small and did not fill the entire volume. Plus, Dhority had to do something to put that light on. The car was already going in reverse with no light showing.

The car was definitely moving at that time, with no light on. And then it comes on. So, Dhority must have done something to put it on. But, what did he do that? He was about to stop. He was about to be done driving. Who turns on a light two seconds before you're done driving?  Did he put his headlights on? The tail lights come on when you put on your headlights. I put my headlights on last night, and I took this picture of taillight that came on.

And that's typical. That's what a taillight looks like. It looks red. So, what light is this?

Then, there is the fact that his brake lights never came on even though the car stopped. It has been suggested that Dhority rammed the car into Park on the transmission in order to stop it, rather than hit the footbrake. Now, why would he do that? And the car does jostle and bounce to a stop, like something irregular was done. So, why didn't Dhority hit the footbrake? Here he was backing this car up close to a crowd of people in a small space. You'd think he'd be riding the brake the whole time. 

This photo is a very good find. This issue is not going to go away. 


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