Saturday, June 24, 2017

This is a pair of 1963 Ford Galaxie tail lights for sale on Ebay.

So, the backup light is the small disc inside the circle, and the tail light illumines through the red glass or plastic that is recessed. 

Daniel Kash: Brake lights and tail lights are miniature lights with fluted red covers on them. They are kept red so that the driver in the car behind can notice them amidst his white/yellow lights. Red is more noticeable color in comparison to white or yellow.

Both tail lights and brake lights are red, and the difference between them is the intensity, with the brake lights being more intense. 

There is NO CHANCE that this was a brake light:

Now, look at the times involved. The image below was taken after the car came to a complete stop. Notice that the light is still on.

And notice the time, 13:09. But wait, two seconds after that, it is STILL on:

We can push it out one more second before the camera moves away.

So, the car came to a rest at 13:09, and 3 seconds later, Dhority is still pressing his foot to the brake? And realize that we can't just assume that the light went off right away after the camera moved. Who knows how long it continued to beam. 

Don't you think he'd have his foot off the brake at that point? Don't you think he'd have the car in park and the ignition turned off? What is that light doing on? What the hell was Dhority doing? 

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