Friday, June 23, 2017

For anyone to claim that those two are the same guy is outrageous. To do so is totally a JFK thing, meaning that it is something that happens in the JFK world and nowhere else. And, Brian Pete admitted it when he said that, in showing him the pictures, I didn't tell the dentist the context, that it concerned the JFK assassination. But, why should I have to tell him that? Why should I have to tell him anything when I am asking him to determine VISUALLY if it's the same man?  It would only bias him to tell him anything. 

It is obvious as hell that the nose on the left is more lumpen and Roman, with a practically vertical descent. His face has vertical creases which Ruby didn't have. His ear looks mangled like he fought too many times with Floyd Mayweather. The distance between his ear and his sideburn is unlike Ruby and unlike any other human being; it is non-anatomical and impossible. Of course, the condition of the hair in back is another dead getaway; they are two different men. And that black disc around his eye they are calling shadow? Shadow? We have all been taking photographs our whole lives and when have we ever seen anything like that in a photo? Lesser degrees of shadow occur, but to use them to legitimize this is a dis-information tactic. It's a matter of degree, and the degree here is way off the chart.  That is obviously not Jack Ruby on the left, and those who can't admit it are either working for the other side, or they have a bias that is impairing their judgement. It isn't even close. 

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