Friday, June 23, 2017

This shows the plane lines of the two motorcycles.

Now, let's say you were going to challenge that by drawing one line:

So, if I try to go from Hargis' toolbox to the front wheel, I get that weird diagonal line, which cannot possibly be his line. But furthermore, we know we can draw a line from his toolbox to him, and once you have that straight line, no matter how short, you are stuck with it. You can't get from Hargis to the front wheel of that motorcycle. And that's because it's not his motorcycle. It's Martin's. What they did here with that thumbprint was take Martin out of the picture. Then they took the front of Martin's bike and gave it to Hargis. That photo originally looked like this:

And notice how similar it is to this Muchmore frame:

Now, will anyone deny that the front wheel we see there is Martin's? And notice that he is slightly leftward of Hargis, which corresponds to him being forward. I know he wasn't, but that is how it looks to Muchmore. Likewise with BL, and that's who took the Moorman photo.  

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