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It is not difficult to convince an observant and unbiased audience that Lee Harvey Oswald and Doorway Man from the Altgens photo are one and the same man- wearing the same clothes. 

There are no disconnects in that collage, no deal-breakers. Everything matches, including the man and the clothing. Even the clothing matches! How could Billy Lovelady be wearing Oswald's clothes?  

But, you'll notice that I cut off the top of their heads, what I call the crown, and that's because Doorman's crown was replaced with that of Lovelady. But, it wasn't Lovelady from 1963, it was from the 1950s when he had more hair. And here is the result:

Those are, admittedly, very different hairlines. It's the only thing that is different between them in the whole collage. And it's not just the hairlines that are different; the whole shape of the top of the head is different. On Doorman, it's oval and has a simian look. On Oswald, it's more pitched and geometric, more massive. It's less round. They are very different, but they are the only difference. IT'S AS THOUGH OSWALD AND LOVELADY ONLY HAD TO WEAR BASEBALL CAPS, AND THEY WOULD BE IDENTICAL TWINS. What accounts for that one difference is photographic alteration, which I'll get back to later.   

Before I show you images of Billy Lovelady, here are two more very compelling collages of Oswald and Doorman.

Same shape face, same long neck; he even seems to have the same look.

Notice the excellent matching of the right ear there, and they say that ears are as distinctive as fingerprints. Also, the noses match well. Oswald had large, flared nostrils, it's represented on the left by the darkness, the shadow we see beneath his nose. 

Now, we'll look at Billy Lovelady, but it's complicated by the fact that there are so many bogus images of him. Here, for instance, are three:

They are all supposed to be Billy Lovelady, but it is obvious that they are different men. The guy on the right looks like an Olympic weightlifter. Look at his massive arm, and compare it to the other two. The guy in the middle is supposed to be 26 year old Billy Lovelady, but he looks more like a 40 year old. And the guy on the left looks like a Neanderthal. On a very instinctual and visceral level- from having looked at people our whole lives- we know that they are different men. But, which one is the real Lovelady? Actually, none of them! They are all impostors. Lovelady is nowhere to be found in that collage.

Then, there are the FBI photos, but they are tainted by the fact that they are FBI photos. The FBI took those photos to sell the idea, to the Warren Commission, that Lovelady was Doorman. It seems that they wasted their time because there is no evidence that the Warren Commissioners even looked at them. But, considering their known bias, how can you trust anything provided by the FBI? A photograph is an easily manipulated image and was so even then. They didn't have photoshop, but they had their means. 

Still, we'll look at one of the FBI photos just because it's really him. There is no doubt that he was the one posing. Even if they altered the photo and doctored the image, there is still, presumably, some Lovelady there.

At least, it's actually Lovelady although we know it's been doctored. For instance, he didn't have that much hair, as you'll see in a minute. But notice that his shirt is unbuttoned, and that's because they were trying to duplicate the look of the Doorway Man. And we have it in writing-twice- that Lovelady said that those are the very clothes he wore on November 22, 1963. Well, that automatically rules him out to be Doorman because that shirt is short-sleeved, and Doorman's is long-sleeved. After that gaffe, the FBI had to back-peddle, and say, "No, he never said that," and that's when they started concocting other images of Lovelady, phony ones, like the three in the tri-collage above that I showed you.   

But, because the FBI can't be trusted, we need to move on to the only image of Billy Lovelady that we can be certain is reliable and unaltered and uncorrupted, and that is the one taken by Mark Lane.

That is the ONLY completely trustworthy image of Billy Lovelady that we have in this world, and it was obtained by Mark Lane under duress in the winter of 1964. I trust Mark Lane. I do not trust J. Edgar Hoover's FBI, who were truly covered in blood in this case. I don't say that it would have been that way if. say, James Comey was at the helm. But, he wasn't. J. Edgar Hoover was, and J. Edgar Hoover was a very bad, twisted, evil man. I hope you realize that.

So now, let's compare the one reliable image we have of Billy Lovelady to that of Doorman.

The first thing that jumps out at me is that Lovelady had protruding ears. And that looks clinical to me. If the ear sticks out more than 2 cm, it is considered a clinical abnormality. Obviously, it is not the same ear. Doorman's ear looks pretty flush with his head, as was Oswald's. Then the second thing is the amount of hair loss. In 1963, Lovelady was already quite bald. He had very little hair on top; just a few strands. That is a lot more than a receding hairline. Billy Lovelady was practically bald on top, even in 1963.

But, what about Doorman's hair? Well, that's where it gets dicey, and I'll explain:

The people who did this were very arrogant, but they weren't arrogant enough to think that they could just declare an image of Oswald to be Lovelady and the world would believe them. They knew they had to do something to convert him into Lovelady- to impart some Lovelady to him. And what they settled on was moving over the top of Lovelady's head, including his hairline. And, in theory, it was very clever because the fact is that the shape of your hairline, which frames your face, has a huge effect on how you look. 

So, not realizing that he had lost a lot of hair, they took a photo of Lovelady from the 1950s, and moved his "crown" over to Doorman. This happened in the hours immediately after the assassination. It is a lie that the Altgens6 photo was wired to the world at 1 o'clock. The first showing of it was on CBS News that evening by Walter Cronkite, which was at 6:30 PM Eastern. That was 5:30 PM Central, which was 5 hours after the assassination. So, they had a window of time to alter it, and they did.  I'm sure they had a crack team. 

That is the source photo, on the left. And it explains why the hairline is the one and only thing that does not match between Oswald and Doorman. Let's look again at the second collage in this post, that of Oswald and Doorman. 

The hair and the hairlines do not match; they are very different, but it is an alteration. You cannot possibly understand the JFK assassination without embracing photographic and film alteration as an element in it. The JFK assassination is the most photographically altered event of all time.  What Doorman must have looked like before they altered him can be seen on the left below: 

And that explains why the one and only thing that matches Lovelady is the hairline and the shape of the top of the head. However, the irony is that it doesn't even match 1963 Lovelady, but rather a much younger Lovelady. They really blew it when they did this. The men doing it didn't know Lovelady, and they didn't realize that he had lost a lot of hair. Apparently, it never crossed their minds that he might have.   

Lee Harvey Oswald was standing in the doorway of the Texas Book Depository during the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. That is proven not just beyond a reasonable doubt but beyond any doubt. The doorway was Oswald's alibi for the murder, and it is at the very heart and soul of the case and the cause of his innocence. 

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