Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Incredibly, the Idiot Backes makes the preposterous claim that Dallas Police were complicit with Ruby in the murder of Oswald, and that is his word: "complicit." So, if the Dallas Police were complicit, how was that possible? Did Ruby tell them that he was going to kill Oswald? Did they put Ruby up to killing Oswald? And how did they couch it? "Sacrifice yourself, Jack, for the sake of Kennedy and Tippit." Was it something like that? Anyone who makes the claim certainly needs to explain it. Because: I don't think it was possible in terms of circumstances nor in terms of human behavior, most people being unwilling to throw away their entire lives for something like this. 

So, you would think that Backes would get busy laying out his blueprint of what happened and how. But no, he just makes the ridiculous claim without explaining a thing. 

These are images from the WFAA film which Backes put up, and I continue to maintain that they are much too calm to be just seconds after the Charge in the Garage. It was pretty damn wild.

You hear the reporter saying, "It's absolute panic." What part of "absolute panic" does Joseph Backes not understand?

I call it the stampede because that's what it reminds me of. And as a result of the stampede, we don't get to see Oswald being moved, nor do we see "Ruby" again after he dives into the swarm of cops and gets surrounded by thm We don't see how either Oswald or Ruby got taken inside. It is simply that they vanish. It simply isn't shown.  

But then, inside, it's instantly peaceful, calm, and orderly.

But wait. If there was no visibility from the outside looking in, what about from the inside looking out? The WFAA cameraman was behind. He was close to the double doors. So, with a camera behind and several cameras in front, surely somebody would have caught something, right? I mean of Oswald and Ruby being taken inside. Wrong. Nobody captured it. You can watch the WFAA footage here. At no time do you see Oswald or Ruby after the shots. Start at the 25 minute mark:


Here's the area that we're talking about.

Supposedly, Leavelle and Combest (according to Combest) picked Oswald up and carried him inside. Well the "object" of two men carrying a third man is pretty damn big object. So how is it that Davidson didn't capture it? Look at the tiny space above? How is it possible that he missed capturing Ruby being dragged through the door and Oswald being carried in? At the moment the shot goes off and we hear Oswald scream, this is what Davidson caught.

So, a guy was in front of him, and Davidson wasn't aggressive about it. He just wasn't a pushy guy. He could have fought for position like a basketball player, but no, he didn't, and the result is that he captured nothing; absolutely nothing; he showed us nothing. And that continued: the nothingness. There is nothing discernible except chaos and pandemonium in Davidson's film. There are a couple of glimpses of what is supposed to be Ruby, but keep in mind that they have NOT been claiming it for 53 years. It's a recent claim. 

That guy doesn't look remotely like Jack Ruby. I mean not even like he could be related to him. And his expression is hardly that of a man who was in the middle of a melee in which big cops were swarming upon him and overpowering him. He looks as cool as a cucumber. Then, there's this guy:

Again note that he doesn't look remotely like Jack Ruby, nor does he look remotely like the other guy, the bald guy who was supposed to be Ruby. Notice in the above frame that "Ruby" is just walking along. Nobody is manhandling him. He is not being coerced or forced by anyone. He looks no more like he is being coerced than someone walking thru Grand Central Station. It looks crowded, but nobody is bothering him. He's just walking along singing a song. Then, there is this one:

Oh, for crying out loud and for the sake of the Immaculate Virgin Mother of God. How can that possibly be "Ruby"? We saw his hat come off and early on. Do you, or do you not, see "Ruby's" bare head below?

That cop, whom the Wizard calls Bagaman, puts a bag or something over "Ruby's" head.

We even have a picture of what is reported to be Ruby's hat on the ground:

So, how could this be Jack Ruby?

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. The evil. The evil of it all. And I don't mean the evil of the killing. I mean the evil of the selling, the manipulating of the public mind. The evil is staggering. 

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