Thursday, June 22, 2017

"The WFAA-TV film did indeed capture Ruby's face, not only as he lunges forward to shoot Oswald but that there are also a few clear frames where you can see his face as he's manhandled into the side door." Joseph Backes

Ralph Cinque: I have pointed out and demonstrated that it is impossible to find this frame in the WFAA film.

But, what is worse is that there is nothing about that image which limits the man's identity to Jack Ruby. What distinguishes him as Jack Ruby? Nothing. Even his fedora hat is much too high. Look at the distance from the top of the hat to his eyes. He isn't Jack Ruby, nor is he the Garage Shooter. Likewise, this is clearly not Jack Ruby:

And this is clearly not Jack Ruby. 

These are bizarre claims, and it's only in the JFK assassination that we encounter such bizarre claims. And why? It's because it's the JFK assassination (which includes the Oswald assassination), an event that occurred in its own world, its own dimension, it's own Twilight Zone.

And as far as claiming that we see Ruby being manhandled through the door, it demonstrates just how out of touch with reality Joseph Backes is, and how willing he is to bold-faced lie. 

And through it all, he continues to maintain that the Dallas Police were "complicit" with Ruby in murdering Oswald, that Fritz stayed out of the way to give Ruby an opening, but he continues not to provide even a stitch of evidence of any collaboration between Ruby and the Dallas Police. No, Backes just claims it, like the "other African-American" in the doorway, or the Loveladys providing the Wedding photo to the HSCA. The Idiot takes just whatever liberties he wants. He just writes the history out of wanton stubbornness and insistence, like the incorrigible child that he is. 

The WFAA film showed us NOTHING. Nothing but chaos and pandemonium. And then, once they got through the door (though we never see Ruby or Oswald going through it) it's all peaceful and orderly and completely and totally under control. It's like the door was magic and took them into a different world. That Jim Davidson could have captured so little, which is to say, nothing, is literally impossible. How could an object consisting of three men not be glimpsed at all as it moved right past him, and I mean Leavelle and Combest carrying Oswald? 

The evil! The evil then; the evil now, the evil that lurks and spews. It is the evil of the JFK assassination "community." It is the evil of Joseph Backes.


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