Friday, June 30, 2017

This is Part II of Lovelady had protruding ears. Of course, you can see it yourself. It's plain as day. 

Let's recruit ol' Jeb Bush. Hey, he's my favorite of the Bushes. I don't know that he ever murdered anybody. 

OK, I think the point has been made that there are protruding ears, and there are non-protruding ears, and Billy Lovelady's were protruding. Doorman's ears are not protruding. 

Now, I want you to think about the fact that Billy Lovelady NEVER appeared publicly. In 1967 he almost did. They planned a full segment on the Doorway Man controversy for the 4 hour CBS JFK Special, but then, at the last minute, somebody higher-up with brains pulled it, which was a very smart thing to do. That was only going to make more people aware of the controversy than were aware of it before. This is an image that was taken for that CBS Special.

To me, his right ear looks weird, like it's too low, like maybe they reattached it. But what about his left ear on our right? It might be protruding. But it's not the picture they showed us. 

That's close to being a straight-on shot, so how could so much of the left side of the head be captured? Why would it be bulging out like that? It wouldn't. It couldn't. It didn't. Look at the contrast between the capture of the left side of his head and the right. The camera would really have to be over to our right for that to happen, but that was not the case. Why does his lobule look so thick and bulging. It wasn't.

The above picture taken by Robert Groden in 1976 effectively hides the bulging ear by shooting it from this angle. At least, it reduces it. It takes advantage of the two-dimensionality of the photo.

Another major difference was the size of the lobule, the soft, fleshy part at the bottom of the ear. Lovelady's was large; Doorman's was small, like Oswald's. 

What about the FBI photos?

The ear on the right looks totally flush with the face, so that has got to be fake. In the middle, the right ear looks too low, and the left ear is sticking out some, but less than what we see in the Mark Lane photo. Simply put: they doctored his ears. 

Again: Billy Lovelady never appeared publicly. There is a photo of him taken by Robert Jackson in 1971, but I don't even know if this is even him, and regardless, it is a freaky image.

The left ear isn't visible; the right ear is cluttered with hair. His arms are of different length, and his left arm on our right looks like a manikin. I just don't know that that is even him. In several of his images, he appears to have more space between his eyes and eye brows than that. This is such an ugly piece of American history, the making of the fraud of Billy Lovelady being the Doorway Man. The wretched evil of it all. He was NOT the Doorway Man. 

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