Sunday, June 18, 2017

Backes, I said that Bill Lords was correct that someone was going back upstairs, except it was Ruby rather than Oswald, which is ironic. And it is. It isn't funny; it's ironic.

And, there were no reporters or cameramen present when police stormed in from the garage with both Ruby and Oswald. The footage from WFAA is way too calm and settled to be just seconds after the Charge in the Garage. Things don't settle down that fast after a ruckus. It takes some time. It's not as though they stormed through the door and stepped into calmness. Bill Lord was NOT there when James Bookhout was hustled in and swifted away. 

Joseph Backes is a VERY stupid man. All you have to do is watch the footage to see how wild and frantic it was in the garage. And then by just going through the door it suddenly turns to calm? Within seconds? That's impossible. It couldn't possibly get as calm and orderly as it is in the WFAA footage as the immediate continuation of the tumult in the garage. Obviously, an interval of time had passed. Only a very dimwitted and immature person could think otherwise. Dr. Fred Bieberdorf stated in his affidavit that police did not allow anyone to enter the jail office for several minutes after the shooting- including him. Now, why would they let Bill Lord in but not Dr. Fred Bieberdorf?  

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