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Due to the speed of the car, the limo was past the center of her lens when 
she, Mary Moorman, clicked the shutter button.

Ralph Cinque: 

That is nonsense. The limo was either stopped or traveling so slowly that that Jean Hill could speak a long sentence to JFK and expect him to hear her and respond.

"Mr. President, look this way. We want to take your picture."

She said that to JFK as he was passing her, which means either that he was passing her at a crawl, or he had stopped completely. And either way, it renders bpunk's claim totally false. 

The Moorman photo was DEFINITELY taken on a diagonal, and it's not just the professor and I who say so. A team of photographic analysts went to Dealey Plaza to duplicate the Moorman photo, and this is angle that they shot at.

The angle was a bit greater than that, in my opinion, but it gives you the general idea. 

And, Mary had an incentive to take her picture slightly BEFORE the Kennedys reached her, and that's because that would have caught their faces. Even a profile shot is not very satisfying. It's better than the back of the heads, but it's not nearly as good as a shot that captures their faces directly. And Mary had the time and opportunity to do that. But, the idea that she would have waited until after is preposterous.  

This calls for a swift review:

1. Mary's photo, the one she actually took, must have contained something that jeopardized the official story of Oswald making all the shots from the 6th floor window. So, a decision was made to get rid of hers and replace it with a Polaroid they took of an image captured by Babushka Lady. However, because the angle was different, the whole perspective was different, especially of Hargis and Martin, who were captured similar to how they were captured by Marie Muchmore. So, this, below, is how the Moorman photo looked before they added the thumbprint.  

So, they had to get rid of Martin, who is closest to us, and they did that with the thumbprint.

He's in there. You can still see his leg coming down. And that's the front of Martin's motorcycle that we see, the front wheels and headlight and windshield, etc. However, the toolbox behind Hargis is the back of his motorcycle. So, we are seeing the front of one motorcycle (Martin's) and the rear of another (Hargis'), and they were trying to make them look like one.

The arm and handlebars we see in the lower right are totally fake, and it's an impossible capture.  It's supposed to be a right arm, but notice first how unphotographic it looks, with a clam-like hand and crude, stick-like arm. This is lousy art is what it is. 

Look at the ridiculous span of that, and that's just to part of his arm. Imagine if it included his whole body, how ridiculously large the image would be. That is fake. 

Notice on the right below that I did a good job of capturing the field of the Moorman photo. The backgrounds across the street match pretty darn well. And the only reason that was possible is because I was turned and shooting diagonally. 

What do you think would have happened if I had faced Elm street squarely? It would have changed the background immensely, and it never would have matched. So, the diagonal angle is absolutely essential to duplicate the Moorman photo. But, shooting it that way, it resulted in the bike rider entering the camera field as you see above on the right, with the right arm higher in the image- NOT at the bottom of it- and the left arm also appearing. It's possible to catch the right arm first if you are facing Elm Street squarely, but once you turn to your left and start shooting diagonally, it means that you'll get this result. 

So, the capture of BJ Martin's arm in the Moorman photo is definitely fake, and there are plenty more problems than that, which we'll get into.

But for now, I'll leave you with this: What could possibly make you accept the FBI story that someone accidentally imposed that thumbprint on the photo? First, you should try pressing your thumb into some Polaroid photos because you'll find that it has no effect. If you are willing to accept their story, then you are just an obedient mole of the Fascist State, and that's all there is to say. But, if you've got a half a brain AND an aversion to being lied to, then you know that they put that thumbprint there on purpose. And once you realize that, you'll soon realize that the reason I have given you is the reason that they did it: to cover up BJ Martin who was positioned PHOTOGRAPHICALLY slightly ahead of Hargis and not behind him.


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