Wednesday, June 21, 2017

I tell you, it seems to me that if he really intended to drive out the Commerce Street ramp, which was the direction of the traffic, that he would have arranged it ahead of time. Presumably, Fritz' car was parked in the parking area adjacent to the ramp. I should think that Dhority would have backed the car up so that it was facing correctly. Because: who would want to try to make a 180 degree turn in that space and that circumstance, the space being small and the circumstance being crowded. Or, Fritz could have just left his car parked on Main, and then Dhority could have just driven it in from there, going the right way. But, they didn't do any of that. So, maybe we should start assuming that the "story" (and it's just a story because, as Joseph Backes will tell you, the Dallas Police were "complicit" in the murder {his word} and therefore they knew that Oswald wasn't really going to get in any car except an ambulance) was to exit on Main. But then again, that car was right there and running, and they were policemen. So, rather than wait several minutes for an ambulance to get there, whose attendants were going to provide absolutely nothing in medical care, why didn't they consider driving Oswald to the hospital themselves? Oh, that's right; they wanted him dead. But, if we start assuming- just from the look at it- that the story was that Dhority was going to go out the Main Street ramp, then that would mean that Pierce left to be the lead car for the Brinks truck in a drive that did not involve Oswald in any way. It seems like an awful lot of fanfare and trouble to go to for a decoy. 

And, really, what was the point of it because everyone there was supposedly going to see Oswald get into Fritz' car. So, it's not like it was going to be a secret. And note for the record that absolutely no alternate attack plots were ever identified. Supposedly, they received numerous threatening phone calls (and you'll recall that I brushed off my screenwriting skills to make fun of the idea). And even back then, couldn't the phone company track incoming calls to the police department? Note that every phone call that Jack Ruby made or received in the last 4 days of his life has been identified, and it comes from phone records. For instance, when he was supposed to be at the DPD, the Homicide Division, stalking Oswald, the phone records show that he was at the Carousel Club on the phone with his sister Eve. So, doesn't it seem like the Dallas PD could have tracked down these threatening callers? And doesn't it seem like any serious attacker would probably want to retain the element of surprise and not call at all? 

And if they really feared an attack, why would they allow any congregating at the ramps? 

So, Pierce left just 1 minute, 1 stinking lousy minute before Oswald was to be loaded in the car, and presumably, the Brinks Truck would have been ready to roll. I think that anyone with sense would have allowed more time than that. But, a police officer? But then again, the Dallas Police were complicit in the murder, as Joseph Backes will tell you. 

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