Saturday, June 17, 2017

Here are two images that were obviously taken from a very similar perspective. The one on the left is from the Moorman photo, and the one on the right is from the Muchmore film. You see how the motorcycle wheel encroaches on the limo wheel very similarly.

But, how could Mary Moorman and Marie Muchmore capture the same perspective when Mary was standing on Elm Street and facing the limo squarely and shooting perpendicular to it, while Marie Muchmore was standing up by the reflecting pool at the top of the hill and shooting diagonally?

Note that both Marie Muchmore and Babushka Lady were shooting on a diagonal, with BL's angle being slightly more acute, more eccentric than Muchmore's. But, they are similar; as similar as this:

But, there is no reason to think that Mary Moorman would have captured anything so similar to either one of them. But, here's another thing of importance to note: In the Muchmore film on the right, it is definitely the wheel of BJ Martin's motorcycle that we see encroaching upon the rear wheel of the limo.

But, in the Moorman photo, it is supposed to be the wheel of Bobby Hargis' motorcycle. 

But, it isn't. It's the same wheel, Martin's wheel. And it explains why they needed the white thumbprint: to vanish BJ Martin.

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