Sunday, June 25, 2017

This is the announcement for Jim Fetzer's latest book on the JFK assassination. 

This sketch by Robert McClelland, M.D., who was present in Trauma Room #1 when JFK’s moribund body was brought in, does not prove there were TWO assassins, but it does prove there were MORE THAN ONE, and thereby confirms the conclusions of the newest book and the latest research on JFK.
The new book, JFK: Who, How, and Why: Solving the World’s Greatest Murder Mystery(2017) explains how we know that JFK was hit at least four times: once in the back  (from behind); once in the throat (from in front); and twice in the head (from behind and from the right/front).

If you want to know who was responsible and why JFK was taken out, you don’t want to miss this new book, the fourth collection of expert studies edited by Jim Fetzer, Ph.D., a former Marine Corps officer and McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota.

Bringing together 13 experts on the death of JFK, the book explains how he was set up by the Secret Service, how his body was stolen, his X-rays altered, his autopsy photos faked and the Zapruder film revised.

Distinctions are drawn between the SPONSORS (individuals and groups who wanted him out and LBJ in), the FACILITATORS (who made it happen and covered it up), and the MECHANICS (the shooters, their supervisors and coordinators), where six of the assassins are identified here.

You will be blown away to learn how we know Lee Harvey Oswald was not in the “assassin’s lair” on the sixth floor but was standing in the doorway of the Texas School Book Depository as the motorcade passed by—which is the darkest secret the Warren Commission was designed to conceal.

Ralph Cinque: Wow, that last paragraph was a very concise and riveting way to put it. And, of course, it's true, that Oswald was standing in the doorway is the one truth that the Warren Commission needed to cover up above all others. It was going to give the whole report peritonitis. And the way they did it was not to do any photo comparisons at all; to rely entirely on witness testimonies; and then pre-select the witnesses to those who would give them the answers they wanted. The only one who gave them trouble was Lovelady himself who refused to state that he was Doorman. 

If you recall, his whole exchange with Attorney Joseph Ball came off like an Abbott and Costello Who's on First/ What's on Second routine. Amazingly, Lovelady never referred to Doorman, and even more amazingly, neither did Joseph Ball. But, I have to say that Billy Lovely was among the most damaging witnesses to the Warren Commission, and I am absolutely sure that following his testimony, that big men in dark suits visited him, friends of bpete, so to speak, (not that bpete is that big) and they laid the law down to him that he needed to get with the program, if life as he knew it meant anything to him. And it was soon after that that, for the first time, Billy Lovelady took on the moniker of the Man in the Doorway. 

And remember that prior to that, all we got were statements he supposedly made to the FBI.... BUT THEY CAME FROM THE FBI. They could have sat him down in front of a sea of microphones to claim that he was Doorman, but they didn't. They never did. 

And it got worse. Look at the HSCA. They tackled the issue of Doorman's identity more head-on than the Warren Commission. But, when you've got a disputed image that you know is limited to being one of two individuals, and one of them is dead, while the other is living, how do you not question the living one? And how do you do a photo comparison that includes not a single image of one of them? Imagine if they had included this collage and published it in their Final Report.

The only thing they published pertaining to Oswald was this image of Oswald's shirt, which is NOT Oswald's shirt.
It looks nothing whatsoever like Oswald's shirt. 

The very idea that the top shirt could behave like the shirt immediately above is preposterous. 

Then, the one image they included of Oswald was altered. They flipped it. They darkened it. And they did everything they could to make him look cocky and sinister.

The HSCA was just as corrupt and evil as the WC, and I have to wonder if it was that way from the very beginning. Most take that attitude that it got corrupted, but it didn't start corrupted. But, that is naive. From the very start, the intelligence agencies (the FBI and the CIA) were all over it. Look at all the strange deaths that occurred during the HSCA. It was the second biggest cluster of deaths after the year 1964. And the HSCA made no inquiry into witnesses suddenly dropping dead? The HSCA was a cover-up from the start.

Looking at where we are, we have certainly come a long way. Among Oswald defenders, Oswald in the doorway is now the leading belief about where he was during the shooting. The doorway: that is Oswald's alibi, and he is never getting out of there. The discovery of the Fritz Notes with "Out with Bill Shelley in front" made a huge mark. And just think; mere weeks ago, a powerful world leader made reference to US intelligence agencies being behind the JFK assassination, and it was on the world stage. 

And what could his opponent do? Just refer to it as a "conspiracy theory" which was a CIA-invented term. 

Rome is falling. Truth is rising. And the truth about the JFK assassination is going to reveal just how rotten, evil, and corrupt our system is. JFK truthers have every reason to be excited about the future.  

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