Monday, June 26, 2017

Ralph Cinque: 

I told you, Haydon, I mean Sparta, the cops were all in on it. Just today, I listened to Elmer Boyd's interview in which he said he was eating lunch at his mother-in-law's house that Sunday morning, and he watched it on television, and he instantly recognized Jack Ruby. Instantly! THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE BECAUSE YOU NEVER SEE THE MAN'S FACE! All he saw was exactly what we saw, and you know how poor the footage is. So, he's sitting back eating a steak at his mother-in-law's table, and he sees the NBC footage (that's the only live one) and there is no way anyone can claim there is enough exposure of the shooter to identify him as Jack Ruby. Watch it yourself, and you'll realize how preposterous it is to claim that Ruby can be recognized: 

Based on what? And you're wrong about the reporters. Hugh Aynesworth knew Jack Ruby and interacted with him 3x that weekend, yet he didn't recognize him and didn't find out that he was Ruby until the police announced it later. Then the other was Ike Pappas who also interacted with Ruby that weekend and took a business card from him, and he didn't realize he was Ruby until he was told so by Police. And Pappas seemed to have a good vantage point. Just look at the Beers photo. 

So, it was just the lying cops who said they recognized Ruby in the garage; no one else. And Boyd claimed to do it from his mother-in-law's table, no less. 

And they were very careful not to let the face of the shooter be exposed. Why don't you reverse that question and ask yourself why, when there were cameras pointed at him from multiple directions, that none captured his face? Just worked out that way, eh? The reason why the shooter (Bookhout) dove into the waiting arms of the cops is because they were his screen. They were his blanket. They were NEVER fighting. "Ruby", as people mistakenly call him, never did anything aggressive. Show me the frame in which he is punching, kicking, flailing, spitting or doing anything combative. He never resisted. There was NO REASON why that "fight" should not have come to an end in that garage. The idea that it dragged on into the jail office is absolutely preposterous. You hear me, Haydon? I mean Sparta. 

Yes, I have a photo of the back of James Bookhout's neck which compares favorably with that of the Garage Shooter, unlike Jack Ruby. Click on the link at the bottom.

And Shoter is a typo. I was typing fast, and the second o just didn't land. What you did is mistake two completely different words: "brakes" and "breaks". And I had never seen it before. 

Now, you are completely losing it. There is no evidence that Pierce used siren and flashing lights to run any lights to get to the front of the building, and he never claimed that he did that. So, how dare you proffer it?

And the delays you mentioned had the opposite effect. They delayed the transfer, and if Pierce didn't know about them, then he would have expected Oswald to appear even earlier, so he should have left even earlier. You're just making excuses, and they're not even good ones. 

The people on Commerce Street were gathered to watch Oswald being driven away. They knew that he would be coming out there. But the Main Street ramp was incoming. So, who were they waiting to see driving in? Now, if you can't understand that difference, Haydon, I mean Sparta, I can't dumb it down any more. 

Ruby knew that Pierce left the garage 1 minute before HIS EVENT, a separate event. 
Jack Ruby was not at the televised garage shooting. 
Jack Ruby was not at the televised garage shooting. 
Jack Ruby was not at the televised garage shooting. 
He was sequestered up on the 5th floor already at the time of the televised garage shooting. 

The WU paperwork is bogus, and they made the mistake of time-stamping the receipt before they time-stamped the money transfer. Again, like getting the cart before the horse. 

Jack Ruby had no memory of shooting Oswald. All he remembered was going down to the ramp, reaching the bottom, and then being pounced upon by police. He said that all the rest was a "blur." And the fact is: it was even so much as a blur. He had no memory of shooting Oswald, period. And why don't you think about what his lawyer plead: that he had psychomotor epilepsy and went through the action of shooting Oswald unconsciously, like he was sleepwalking. It's ridiculous, but why would he claim such a thing? It was because Ruby must have told him that he had absolutely no memory of doing it. 

I have already delineated the things in the Jackson photo that are false, impossibly false, and it's more scientific than anything you have ever done in your life. And nobody has ever addressed these findings with any explanations or excuses whatsoever I'll give you an example: Oswald's left hand slapped to his chest is un-anatomical, meaning that it is not consistent in form with a human hand. It is also much too big to be Oswald's hand. We have images of his hands, and they weren't that big. In the Jackson photo, Oswald's hand is a monstrosity.

Now, let's see you find an Anatomist who disagrees with that. I dare you, and I dare him. 

Please? When have I ever said please to anybody on this forum? You've got some nerve depicting me that way, Haydon.  I mean Sparta.    

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