Monday, June 19, 2017

I offer a scenario of what happened, and it is based on something very substantial. It's based on the fact that we can very clearly see that the Garage Shooter was not Jack Ruby, and Jack Ruby was definitely not in the garage during the televised event. 

Yet, Jack Ruby described an incident in which he went to the garage and he was tackled by police (at the bottom of the ramp). So, I don't doubt that it happened; it's just that it's something other than the televised event. And since it couldn't possibly have followed the televised event, it must have come before the televised event. And that means that Jack Ruby must have gotten there prior to the televised event. 

Now, that is logic, and it is unassailable. And it starts with the fact that the Garage Shooter was not Ruby. 

Nobody can argue that Ruby went to the garage to shoot Oswald. That's because if that was his intention, he would have gotten there on time, and I mean of course, the scheduled time. Also, he would not have brought his dog. On the contrary, he would have made arrangements for the care and feeding of his dogs- on a permanent basis because if he planned to shoot Oswald, he would have known that he was never going home again. But, he didn't do any of those things, which means he had no intention of shooting Oswald. 

So, if he had no intention of shooting Oswald, why did Jack Ruby go to the garage? He never said, and the reason he never said is because he didn't know. He said his interest was aroused by the crowd hanging around the Main Street entrance. Note that they had no reason to be there. But, once he got there, why did he walk down the ramp? He didn't know. He never said. And what about the others there? They knew what the situation was, which is that this police officer was there to make sure no one entered. But, when Ruby walked on down the ramp, and Officer Vaughan didn't see him, why didn't at least one civic-minded person call to Ruby, "Hey, buddy, you can't go down there." Or why didn't he alert Officer Vaughan, "Officer, there is a guy walking down the ramp." Doesn't it seem strange that not one person offered such assistance when it was obvious what Vaughan's sole purpose was in being there? What, were they zombies? 

So, Ruby said he went to the ramp because the crowd gathered there attracted his attention. But, why did he walk down the ramp? Why did he make the decision to do that? He never provided any reason, and it's because he had no reason. He had no one to see. He had no question to ask. He was not in need of help. He was not seeking information. I am sticking with my idea that he was hypnotically programmed to do it. It was a matter of hypnotic suggestion. It's a speculation but a compelling one because: he had no reason to do it. 

So, Jack Ruby went to the garage earlier than reported, and he had his incident with police prior to the televised one. I suspect it was somewhere between 45 and 60 minutes ahead. What I can't tell you is why he went there. He didn't know why he went there. And there really is no reason. He certainly didn't go there to shoot Oswald. If that was his intention, he surely would have found out what time the jail transfer was scheduled and gotten there on time for it. 

Now, are there missing links to this story? Of course. And the most important is who was working on Ruby's mind, directing his behavior. Was it his roommate George Senator? Was it Larry Craford? Was it the hypnotist who worked for him, William Crowe, whose stage name was Bill Lemar? Was it David Ferrie, who was a known hypnotist? Was it some doctor that Ruby was seeing? I can't say, but that's no fault. It's impressive that I have gotten as far as I have. 

Look at Backes. He's got a theory that the Dallas Police were complicit WITH Ruby, that they were working together, that Will Fritz positioned himself to leave room for Ruby to get his shot off. But, Backes hasn't laid out a single thing to support this, how they could be cooperating and working together. 

When people cooperate and work together it's because of the expectation of  a win-win. We cooperate and work together and both of us come out ahead; both of us win; so let's do it. But, in this case, Ruby was heading for prosecution, conviction, and being sentenced to death, where he lost everything and never experienced another free day in his life So, how could the Dallas Police have been complicit WITH Ruby.  It makes no sense, and Backes has done nothing to explain it. Not a word. He's much too busy attacking my theory to explain his own.  

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