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This is an interview of Detective Elmer Boyd in March 2015, and it's worth listening to. He was close friends with Tippit. He said their kids played together, that they had family outings to the park together. He also said that he had met Kennedy when JFK came to Dallas to visit Sam Rayburn in the hospital.

Now remember, we have this picture of Boyd, and his partners Sims and Hall with James Bookhout taken just minutes after the Oswald shooting. It was apparently on the 3rd floor next to the elevator. This is DEFINITELY not Jack Ruby. It is James Bookhout.

Look at the great likeness between that man and the young James Bookhout:

How could Jack Ruby bear such a close resemblance to the young James Bookhout?

So, Elmer Boyd was one who took custody of Bookhout after he was hustled into the jail office. He was probably waiting right there. And I'm sure they swiftly hustled Bookhout out of there, which was followed by Ruby being brought down from the 5th floor. The above photo, and actually it was a film, is errant. It was not supposed to happen. The left hand did not know what the right hand was doing. 

Back to the interview, Elmer said that Oswald was not belligerent or disrespectful, but he stated repeatedly that he didn't shoot anybody, that he was just a patsy. We heard Oswald say that in the hallway, "I'm just a patsy" and I'm not surprised that he also said it to police.  And then in response to Oswald's denial, Elmer went on about how the witnesses at the Tippit scene ID'd Oswald, but there is nothing conclusive about any of that testimony, and there is a mountain of evidence and historical record of eyewitnesses being wrong. And if John Armstrong is right that they got "Lee" to kill Tippit, then no wonder witnesses thought he was Oswald. 

But, here's something interesting: he pointed out that one witness said that upon getting out of his car, Tippit straightened out his hat. Elmer said that that was a habit of Tippit's, that every time he got out of his car, the first thing he would do is adjust his hat. But, in this case, if Tippit stopped the man thinking he was JFK's killer, and then after talking to him through the window decided that the situation warranted him getting out of the car, how could he be concerned about his hat? Doesn't it seem more likely that he'd be reaching for his gun? The fact that the last thing Tippit did was adjust his hat tells you that he had no thought in his head that he was confronting a killer.

Elmer said he asked Oswald about his bruise, and he said, "I struck an officer, and he struck me back, as he should have." He said those were Oswald's words. Interesting.

And then there's something even more interesting. Oh My God. The interviewer asked him where Oswald said he was at the time of the shots. Elmer hemmed and hawed; he couldn't get anything out. Then, the interviewer started helping him, with "he said he was just in the building?" Then, Elmer murmured something to indicate acceptance of that. But, I have pointed out many times that this was a building as big as a city block, and nobody would use the whole building as his alibi. He would definitely narrow it down to a specific spot. Elmer was there at that first interrogation when Oswald said he was out with Bill Shelley in front. That explains all the hemming and hawing.

Here's how he quoted Oswald about the Backyard photo:

"I know all about that trick photography. That's my face, but it's not my body." 

He may have been paraphrasing there, but regardless, it shows that the first photo alterationist in the JFK assassination was Lee Harvey Oswald. 

So then, it gets to the Oswald shooting. Elmer said he was having lunch at his mother-in-law's house and the tv was on, and he was watching it. And he said his first thought was "that looks like ol' Jack Ruby." But, we've all seen the video, and you never see the shooter's face. Never. So, how could Elmer Boyd make that statement? What data points was he going by? What about the shooter, specifically, cinched him as Jack Ruby?

Now, let's be very crystal clear about something: Elmer Boyd's story does not hold up; it cannot possibly be true. How is it possible that he was sitting at the lunch table with his in-laws, wherever they lived, and saw the Oswald shooting on tv, and then got to the police station in time to be captured in this picture with the shooter just a few minutes after the shooting?

That picture was taken very soon after the shooting. They let Bookhout go after that. And he changed his clothes and went down to the jail office. And then he followed Oswald's stretcher back to the garage.

So, Elmer was there. He was waiting in the jail office, and he and his partners were the ones who scurried Bookhout away. 

After telling that story, the questioner quickly changed the subject, so we never hear anything about Elmer's involvement in processing Ruby. But, he was definitely involved. According to the official reports, Ruby was held up on the 5th floor until about 3:00 and then taken down to the 3rd floor to Fritz' office to be interrogated by Fritz, and it was Boyd's team that escorted him. But, this picture was not from that. First, it's not Jack Ruby.  But, the whole situation was very different. The hallway was packed with reporters. I've seen the footage. And they certainly never posed for a picture like this or would even have had room to.

Leavelle and Boyd are the last two still alive among the Dallas detectives, and what a brotherhood they have; a brotherhood of lies.  

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