Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Idiot Backes, who amazingly thinks that the Dallas Police conspired WITH Ruby to kill Oswald, yet refuses to explain how it was even possible, is busy defending them. In true form to his idiot self, he thinks the official story is a lie, but not the films. The films are all legit, all authentic, and all accounted for exactly as explained by Officialdom, according to him.

Backes is quite an amazing guy. He thinks that the Dallas Police concocted Oswald's bus and cab rides, that actually, someone pulled in front of the TSBD after the shooting and yelled "Get in the fuckin' car, Oswald!" He has no idea who the driver was or where he took Oswald. And he thinks that the Dallas Police knew that Ruby was coming to shoot Oswald and that Fritz positioned himself to leave an opening for Ruby. And he thinks that the JFK murder story is false, and he thinks that the Tippit murder story is false, and yet despite all that: JOSEPH BACKES DEFENDS EACH AND EVERY IMAGE TAKEN THAT WEEKEND. There was lots of malfeasance, including three murders about which they lied, but no tampering with any image. Backes is the defender of the images, and he'll defend them regardless of how many people got killed. 

Now, Backes is defending another image. It's not from the 2 minute, 11 second film introduced by Jim Davidson.

But, it is from the WFAA footage that David Von Pein put up:

That footage starts with this shot of Leavelle in his Easter hat peering down at Oswald with Blackie Harrison next to him.

Then, Leavelle leaves:

Leavelle exits to our right after that, and we don't see him again until the stretcher scene. That's amazing. You'd think he'd have stayed by Oswald the whole time.  

Then, the men take turns moving in and out, peering down at Oswald.

Observe how crowded that space is.

But then, it turns out, lo and behold, that in the midst of all that coming and going, there was one devoted cop there the whole time who was down on his knees attending Oswald. 

One wonders how he wasn't trampled by all the others we saw.  

So, what are we supposed to be looking at? A bald-headed cop with a thick neck? Who is he? We have testimonies from all the cops who were hovering over Oswald. So is he one of them? What is his name? Are you sure he's legit, Backes? Because I'm not. Identify him, and then let's look at his testimony.  

There are a lot of breaks in the footage: a lot of splices. One occurs after they finish getting Ruby on the elevator. It jumps to where they are wheeling Oswald out on the stretcher. 

But wait! Why the hell would they splice out the arrival of the ambulance attendants??? Why don't we see them coming in and loading Oswald? Why the unwillingness to show a speck of Oswald within the jail office? They were willing to show him in the garage:

Now, keep in mind that that is a problematic image. What is that white thing over Oswald's chest? Nobody ever claimed to put a dressing over his sweater. And if it's not a dressing, what is it?

So, what exactly is that? Look at the coloring of his left hand, lower left. Now look at the coloring of his right hand, where they have his arm resting right on top of the wound. Putting pressure over an abdominal gunshot wound? What? Were they trying to increase the bleeding? What is that white thing, and why does it seem to be affecting the color of Oswald's hand? And why does it look so doctored and artificial right at the junction?

Me thinks it looks like art. So, as I said, there are strange, inexplicable things about this image, and I meant it. But, how come we never got to see Oswald, not a hint of him in the jail office? How come we didn't see the ambulance attendants come in? And when they got there, presumably the cops would have had to get out of the way so that they could access him, and we didn't see that either. It just jumped to this:

So, now they're leaving, and we never even saw them arrive. We can't even make out the ambulance attendants  here. Was this "editing"? Who would edit a film such as this with the historical importance that it has? They actually cut out parts of it? And what, threw them away? Or hid them somewhere? You can't tell me that Davidson turned the camera off when the ambulance attendants arrived. 

Go ahead and defend it all, Backes. You believe the Dallas Police conspired with Ruby, and that Fritz moved out of the way to give Ruby a clear shot to kill Oswald, but go ahead and defend all the films, all the images, every single one. They're all good. No foul play here, eh? Idiot. 

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