Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Amy Joyce:

Ralph, I did find the video with the gun flash.  I've been looking at it and I think it's phony.  I normally don't say things about pictures being doctored, but in this case...

Yepper, 100% agree that the sweater should have been charred.  There should have also been gunshot residue around it - no doubt! I think that in the other email I sent yesterday I included a closeup of the area and there is nothing but some (small amount) blood stains.  His so'called white shirt shouldn't have been so blood-stained either, as we all can see even the gurney sheet had no blood on it.  

And he shouldn't have had gunpowder burns on his skin!  I'm thinking that there was some forensics back then but nobody thought to look because JR even admitted to doing it.  Those clothes are still in the museum and I'd be very curious what testing them might reveal.

Are you familiar with the photos from the Texas Portal?  I can send if not. There are some interesting things about them.  I "heard" that people aren't allowed to use stuff from there without permission.

Ralph Cinque:

Amy, it's more that Jack Ruby didn't deny doing it. He accepted that he did it because they told him that he did. He had no memory of doing it. And he didn't find out about it until police told him that he shot Oswald. 

What I find incredible is this so-called blood stain on the floor of the jail office. 

How could it happen? The only place that blood could have emitted was the small entrance wound, a puncture wound. And, it was covered by three layers of clothing- clothing that was highly absorbent. So, the clothes would have had to be soaked to leave such a stain on the floor. And blood clots quickly. We never saw Oswald on the floor there; we just have to take their word that he was there. But, presumably, they placed him on his back, right? And his back wasn't bleeding. So, how could so much blood get on the floor? 

Furthermore, Dr. Frank Bieberdorf said that the wound that he saw in the jail office was bloodless.

No external bleeding was evident. And then, as you say, there wasn't a drop of blood on the white sheets of the gurney, which we saw the ambulance driver roll up. They looked as white as the driven snow. So, how could all this blood get on the floor of the jail office? 

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