Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Another researcher has pointed out that there is no film that captures the Jackson photo. 

There is no film that you can stop and say, "there's the Jackson photo; that's when Bob Jackson took his picture."

Of course, anyone can say anything- and people do. But, what they can't do is show a frame that truly corresponds. 

We have been told that "experts" have determined that there was .6 second between Beers and Jackson, and that within that interval, the shot went off. So, to minimize error, I have simply divided the time in half, saying that Beers was shot .3 second before, and Jackson was taken .3 second after. 

.3 second is not very much time.

In the KRLD footage, we see this immediately after the gun blast.

Obviously, that does not correspond to Jackson. Ruby is still to the side of Oswald and Leavelle hasn't even turned his head yet.

That's followed by what looks like Graves pushing the shooter, shoving on him. 

That obviously does not correspond to Jackson, and after that, we're way past .3 second from the shot. So, you can't find the Jackson photo in the KRLD film. If anyone thinks they can, they should freeze the frame and post it. And then, I'll point out why they're wrong. 

This is the NBC footage when we hear the gun blast.

 Obviously, that is miles away from the Jackson photo,  Then it goes to this, where Oswald is cringing forward.

"Ruby" is still not situated in front of Oswald as we see in the Jackson photo. Oswald isn't bent forward in the Jackson photo; his head is higher than "Ruby's". And Leavelle isn't leaning as in the Jackson photo either. 

So no, it doesn't correspond. Let's keep going, but you got to remember the .3 second limit. 

That actually looks close, but I see one important difference. In Jackson, "Ruby" has got his left elbow cocked back, but that is not the case above.

Can you see that in Jackson above, his elbow is bent and cocked back? Plus, in the film frame, "Ruby" is too close to Leavelle. Let's keep going:

No, that's not it because now Oswald has got his head cocked back. Plus, he obviously does not have his left arm slapped to this chest. 

And now, way more than .3 second has passed from the shot. Oswald still has no arm slapped to his chest. No, that can't be it. 

So no, there is no NBC frame that corresponds to Jackson.

The only film that I know of which has a Jackson lookalike frame is the newsreel, but we don't see the frame in action. It's just a still frame that they display, which they snugged up to the moving film.

I pointed out that the freak hand there is not identical to the freak hand in Jackson:


This is the last frame we see in the moving newsreel before it jumps to the Jackson lookalike still frame:

So, it goes from that, to this:

So, that is real trickery. They just snugged the lookalike frame up next to the film to make them look continuous. It is not continuous; it is contrived. And how could all that change take place in a fraction of a second? Notice that in both, the timer says 41 seconds.

So, there are no films and no other images that correspond to the visual data, the arrangement in the Jackson photo. Even the newsreel lookalike frame differs from Jackson.

I have already pointed to the gross differences in the freak hand. Both have a freak hand, but they are not identical. In the newsreel, Oswald is cringing to his left, but not so in Jackson. That's a different bodily action. In Jackson, "Ruby" has his left elbow cocked back, but not so in the newsreel. 

And if the Jackson setup really was captured in the film, then it should be there. The film didn't miss anything, right? They should have been able to stop it at the exact frame in which everything corresponds 100% with what we see in Jackson.

The only place we see the exact content of Jackson is in Jackson, and that's unsettling.   

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