Friday, August 11, 2017

Another thing about this image is the obvious comfort level between these detectives and the shooter. The detectives seem very concerned about the photographer, but they don't seem the least bit concerned about the shooter. Remember the situation: just moments before, they were in a brawl in the garage where it took 12 men to drag "Ruby" into the jail office, and where "Ruby" shot Oswald fatally and also tried to shoot Leavelle. Leavelle has publicly thanked L.C. Graves for saving his life. He said he wouldn't be here today were it not for his partner, L.C. Graves. But, here these guys have obviously have no concern about "Ruby" acting out. Is Ruby handcuffed there? We don't know. He could just be clasping his hands in front, for all we know. And even if he is handcuffed, he could kick, spit, ram his head into them, or he could even use his two hands like a club. Handcuffing in front isn't nearly as restrictive as handcuffing in back. And yet, you can tell from looking at this that they are not the least bit concerned about the shooter acting out and attacking them. How could it transition to such a peaceful accord and complete trust so quickly? It's because they know who he is, and there was never any struggle in the garage. It wasn't about fighting and struggling. It was about covering him up and getting him out of there without exposing him to the camera. That's what they were doing in the garage: concealing him; covering him up. They weren't fighting with him, and he was not struggling against them. They were all working together; cooperatively. They were all on the same side, just as they appear to be all on the same side here. He's not afraid of them, and they are not afraid of him. And that's because he was James Bookhout, the FBI liaison to the Dallas Police. 

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