Friday, August 11, 2017

Paul Stevens: I don't know if this image from the Dallas motorcade has been discussed before but here is how women hold their children and wave at the same time. Notice the height of the child's head compared with the lady. So in the case of Altgens 6 the child the lady is carrying is one big child surely requiring two arms to keep at that height.
Ralph Cinque: Yes, I am very familiar with that image, Paul, and you are absolutely right that it is impossible for that woman to be holding that large child with one arm, while waving with the other, and for the girl to be sitting there as if she was in a chair, with 90 degree angles at knee and hip. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE! That girl was put into that picture, and I suspect it was to hide something about the man standing behind the woman. Maybe he had a gun showing. But yes, that is absolutely and positively fake.

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